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Football: 2023 LebCo League Award Winners

With the close of the regular season of high school Football, the coaches have had the opportunity to choose their all-star selections within their respective leagues. Below is a comprehensive list of full list of all of the LebCo Players who received honors from either the Mid Penn Conference or the Lancaster-Lebanon League.

When all was tallied, thirty-four individual players who were honored at least one time.  In addition, several athletes were chosen as the top at their position by the opposing coaches.  Speaking of coaches, LebCo is home again to a coach who earned the highest respect of his peers.

Again this year, it was an impressive showing and a reminder that our county is home to a large number of talented, well-respected athletes.

To see more accolades, here is a previously published list of the Lebco All-County Team, as chosen by our local high school coaches: All-Lebanon County Football Team Selections



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Coach of the Year Selection

Lancaster Lebanon League – Section 5: Matt Gingrich (Annville-Cleona)



Mid-Penn Conference – Keystone All-Division Selections


Honorable Mention

Linebacker – Kadin Jones (Jr.)

Defensive Back – Nathan Eisenhooth (Sr.)

Interior Lineman – Beau Toler (Jr.)

Punter – Jason McCurdy (Sr.)





Lancaster Lebanon League All-Star Selections


Position Players of the Year

Defensive Back of the Year – Section 1: Owen Chernich (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Outstanding Back of the Year – Section 4: Jake Williams (ELCO / Sr.)

Offensive Back of the Year – Section 4:  Jake Williams (ELCO / Sr.)

Outstanding Lineman of the Year – Section 5: Darrian Holloway (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Offensive Lineman of the Year – Section 5:  Darrian Holloway (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Defensive Lineman of the Year – Section 5:  Jonathan Shay (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Linebacker of the Year – Section 5: Luke Shaffer (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Defensive Back of the Year – Section 5: Cael Harter (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)


First Team Offense

Section 1

Running Back – Fernando Marquez (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Tight End – Aiden Schomp (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Center – Nick Lambros (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Offensive Guard – Cameron Simone (Cedar Crest / Sr.)


Section 2

Wide Receiver – Malachi Briddell (Lebanon / So.)

Offensive Guard – Corbett Brickle (Lebanon / Sr.)


Section 4

Running Back – Jake Williams (ELCO / Sr.)

Center – Tupac Vasquez-Disla (ELCO / Jr.)

Offensive Guard – Carter Kemper (ELCO / Sr.)


Section 5

Running Back – Cael Harter (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Offensive Guard – Damien Miller (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Offensive Tackle – Darrian Holloway (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Offensive Tackle – Hayden Adams (Northern Lebanon / Jr.)



First Team Defense

Section 1

Defensive Line – Tristan Long (Cedar Crest / Jr.)

Defensive End – Aiden Schomp (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Outside Linebacker – Caleb Dorshimer (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Owen Chernich (Cedar Crest / Sr.)


Section 4

Defensive End – Paul Williams (ELCO / So.)


Section 5

Defensive Line – Damien Miller (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Defensive End – Jonathan Shay (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Defensive End – Tanner Feagley (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Inside Linebacker – Luke Shaffer (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Outside Linebacker – Moises Gonzalez (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Cael Harter (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Long Snapper – Bryce Keller (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Punter – Jonathan Shay (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)


Second Team Offense

Section 1

Wide Receiver – Owen Chernich (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Wide Receiver – Jack Waranavage (Cedar Crest / Jr.)


Section 4

Wide Receiver – Sara Miller (ELCO / Sr.)


Section 5

Running Back – Moises Gonzalez (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Center – Alec Tetzlaff (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Athlete – Jonathan Shay (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Kick Returner – Cael Harter (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)



Second Team Defense

Section 1

Defensive End – Cameron Simone (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Leo Tirado (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Punter – Aiden Schomp  (Cedar Crest / Sr.)


Section 2

Defensive Line – Corbett Brickle (Lebanon / Sr.)

Defensive Line – Josiah Wright (Lebanon / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Derrick Briddell (Lebanon / Sr.)


Section 4

Defensive Line – Brayden Malloy (ELCO / Jr.)

Defensive End – Brady Stoops (ELCO / Jr.)

Inside Linebacker – Elliott Kreider (ELCO / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Lee Tobias (ELCO / Sr.)


Section 5

Defensive End – Tim Montijo (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Inside Linebacker – Darrian Holloway (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Outside Linebacker – Hudson Sellers (Annville-Cleona / So.)



Honorable Mention

Section 1

Quarterback – Jackson Custer (Cedar Crest / Jr.)

Running Back – Alex Abreu (Cedar Crest / Sr.)

Outside Linebacker – Malachi Victor (Cedar Crest / Jr.)

Defensive Back – Jack Waranavage (Cedar Crest / Jr.)

Kicker – Ethan Bowman (Cedar Crest / Jr.)

Kick Returner – Jack Waranavage (Cedar Crest / Jr.)


Section 2

Outside Linebacker – Jahkeim Medlock (Lebanon / Sr.)


Section 4

Offensive Tackle – Paul Williams (ELCO / So.)

Kicker – Ira Gensamer (ELCO / Sr.)

Defensive Back – Justin Smucker (ELCO / Jr.)

Long Snapper – Gavin Bicher (ELCO / Jr.)


Section 5

Quarterback – Cameron Connelly (Annville-Cleona / Sr.)

Running Back – Bryce Keller (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Tight End – Luke Shaffer (Northern Lebanon / Sr.)

Offensive Guard – Alex Hemperly (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Offensive Tackle – Malachi Victa (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Defensive Line – Malachi Victa (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Defensive Back – Dominic Casciotti (Annville-Cleona / Jr.)

Punter – Riley Messinger (Northern Lebanon / Jr.)




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