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Track & Field – Lancaster Lebanon League Junior High Championship Meet: LebCo Results

This past Thursday, the annual Lancaster Lebanon League Junior Coaches Meet was held at Hempfield. Annville-Cleona, Cedar Crest, ELCO, and Lebanon all sent athletes to compete at the event.  This event has turned into an important step to getting athletes ready for the bigger stage that they will experience when they reach high school, especially since it is held at the same location where the varsity championships were held the next day.  There were some excellent performances by the LebCo junior high crew, which should translate into many exciting high school track and field meets over the course of the next several years.

In the Girls competition, there were some highlights that make it look as if some of our local teams will be able to continue to improve for years to come.  The highest finisher was Cedar Crest’s Dakota Dengler, who while only in 7th grade was able to clear 4’10”, a height that would have won her a medal at the high school meet.  Cedar Crest had several other medalists, including Mikalyn Weaber, an 8thgrader who placed in both the Shot Put and the Discus.  Weaber will look to add depth to the Lady Falcons squad next year.  When it comes to depth, Annville-Cleona had 8th grader Jada Morales medal in the 200m with a 27.22, an improvement from the 27.5 she ran at the JH County Meet.  Pay attention to her as she joins a team that already has a pair of sophomore sprinters who medaled at the high school championships.  The Dutchmen also have Dana Hoover, an 8th grader who medaled in the Discus, as she (and her twin sister Nora) will work to join their sister Ava and to replace their other sister Claire who is graduating next month.  Speaking of sisters who are graduating, ELCO 8th grader Madison Nelson medaled in the 400m and will hope to replace some of the athleticism lost with her older sister Samantha leaving for Southern Utah University.

On the Boys side, there were several performances from athletes who will be worth watching for in the coming years.  Among those were a pair of 9th grade throwers who went 1-2.  ELCO’s Avery Kurtz put forth gold medal winning performances in both the Shot Put and the Discus, which should immediately translate into some varsity points next year as the Raiders look to replace Colin Daub.  Cedar Crest’s Tanner Zimmerman was 2nd to Kurtz in both events and next season will join an already talented group of throwers. ELCO’s Griffin Kreider, an 8th grader with a familiar name to those in Myerstown, was a medalist in three events, earning bronze in the 200m and 400m, then tacking on a 5th place medal in the Long Jump.  Just edging him in the Long Jump was James Myer of Cedar Crest, whose leap that measured over 18’ could add to the depth the Falcons rely upon.  Another athlete that could have an immediate impact next year is Lebanon’s Samuel Hershey, who finished 8th in the 800m and will join the strong distance running culture that Coach Pearson has developed in recent years. There were also two 7th graders who were among the top athletes at the meet, both of whom are students at Cedar Crest. Jordan Anderson finished 2nd in the 100m and 4th in the 200m. Hayden Snavely took 3rd in the 1600m and 3rd in the High Jump.

The Cedar Crest Boys scored 57 points to win the Lancaster Lebanon Junior High Team Championship.

Below are the individual results for all competitors. Medalists are highlights in green.



100m – Prelims

Madison Nelson (ELCO) – 13.35

Jada Morales (Annville-Cleona) – 13.46

Cayleigh Shaak (Lebanon) – 13.69

Jocelyn Yoder (ELCO) – 13.92

Dakota Dengler (Cedar Crest) – 14.06


200m – Finals

Jada Morales (Annville-Cleona) – 27.22  6th place

200m – Prelims

Jada Morales (Annville-Cleona) – 26.97

Jocelyn Yoder (ELCO) – 28.93

Arys Guzman (Cedar Crest) – 29.20

Jaziah Hargrove (Lebanon) – 31.60



Madison Nelson (ELCO) – 1:05.0  8th place

Dana Hoover (Annville-Cleona) – 1:11.2

Ryan Stopper (Cedar Crest) –  1:11.5

Aleysha Luzon  (Lebanon) – 1:12.1



Addison Sanchez (Annville-Cleona) – 2:41.8

Reagan Zwally  (ELCO) – 2:46.2

Cosette Pich (Lebanon) – 2:47.1

Cara Figueroa (Cedar Crest) – 2:49.9



Lucy Stellmach (Annville-Cleona) – 6:11.3

Paityn Newswanger (ELCO) – 6:15.7

Clara Schneider (Cedar Crest) – 6:20.4


4 x 100m

ELCO – 54.14   7th place

Annville-Cleona – 54.56

Cedar Crest – 55.71

Lebanon – 55.74


4 x 400m

Cedar Crest – 4:38.8

ELCO – 4:45.3

Annville-Cleona – 4:47.3

Lebanon – 4:49.2


4 x 800m

Annville-Cleona – 11:15.6

ELCO – 11:45.0

Cedar Crest – 12:02.0

Lebanon – 12:39.6


Long Jump

Paige Frey (Cedar Crest) – 14’8″   8th place

Madison Nelson (ELCO) – 14’4.25″

Addison Mays (ELCO) – 14’2.5″

Kora Wolfe (Annville-Cleona) – 14’0″

Laureliz Lozada (Lebanon) – 12’0.75″


High Jump

Dakota Dengler (Cedar Crest) – 4’10”   3rd place

Jenna Ulrich (Annville-Cleona) – 4’4”

Natalina Harrison (Lebanon) – 4’2”

Lily Harchuska (Cedar Crest) – 4’2”

Khloe Fox (ELCO) – 4’0”

Paige Frey (Cedar Crest) – 4’0”


Shot Put

Mikayla Fripps (Cedar Crest) – 32’9″   6th place

Mikalyn Weaber (Cedar Crest) – 32’6.25″  7th place

Dana Hoover (Annville-Cleona) – 31’6.5″

Iyanna Oboubisa (Cedar Crest) – 31’0″

Ashley Zimmerman (ELCO) – 28’0.25″

Olivia Boris (Lebanon) – 27’5.75″



Mikalyn Weaber (Cedar Crest) – 76’7”  7th place

Dana Hoover (Annville-Cleona) – 75’7.75”  8th place

Veronica Castro (Cedar Crest) – 71’8.75”

Carleigh Cessna (Lebanon) – 61’8”

Ashley Zimmerman (ELCO) – 57’10”


Results from the Lebanon County Junior High Meet


100m – Finals

Jordan Anderson (Cedar Crest) – 11.82   2nd place

Jamil Gordon (Lebanon) – 12.31   8th place

100m – Prelims

Jordan Anderson (Cedar Crest) – 11.72   

Jamil Gordon (Lebanon) – 12.31   

Isaiah Zimmerman (Cedar Crest) – 12.45

Asher Parham (ELCO) – 12.79

Blake Boyer (Annville-Cleona) – 12.81

Isaiah Zimmerman (Cedar Crest) – 12.45

Asher Parham (ELCO) – 12.79

Blake Boyer (Annville-Cleona) – 12.81


200m – Finals

Griffin Kreider (ELCO) – 24.90  3rd place

Jordan Anderson (Cedar Crest) – 25.14  4th place

200m – Prelims

Griffin Kreider  (ELCO) – 24.52

Jordan Anderson (Cedar Crest) – 24.56

Blake Boyer (Annville-Cleona) – 26.20



Griffin Kreider  (ELCO) – 55.74  3rd place

Yassine Hakam (Lebanon) – 59.41

Levi Custer (Annville-Cleona)  – 1:10.6



Samuel Hershey (Lebanon) – 2:16.4  7th place

Zach Margut (Cedar Crest) – 2:17.3

Max Frederick (ELCO) – 2:30.2

Oliver Brandt (Annville-Cleona) – 2:35.2



Hayden Snavely (Cedar Crest) – 4:47.9  3rd place

Samuel Hershey (Lebanon) – 4:58.4

David Sinyagin (ELCO) – 5:13.2

Hunter Troxel (Annville-Cleona) – 5:51.5

4 x 100m

Cedar Crest – 48.29  2nd place

Lebanon – 49.81

ELCO – 50.31

Annville-Cleona – 53.60


4 x 400m

Cedar Crest – 3:57.5  5th place

ELCO – 4:08.6

Lebanon – 4:09.6

Annville-Cleona – 4:43.5


4 x 800m

Cedar Crest – 9:45.8  6th place

ELCO – 9:46.1  7th place

Lebanon – 10:36.4

Annville-Cleona – 10:58.5


Long Jump

James Myer (Cedar Crest) – 18’3.5”  4th place

Griffin Kreider  (ELCO) – 18’1”  5th place

Jaylynn Moyer (Annville-Cleona) – 16’6”

Derek Franco Suazo (Lebanon) – 15’7”


High Jump

Hayden Snavely (Cedar Crest) – 5’2”   3rd place

Manuel Martinez (Lebanon) – 4’10”

Aiden Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 4’8”

Brinley Donmoyer (ELCO) – 4’8”


Shot Put

Avery Kurtz (ELCO) – 47’4”  1st place 

Tanner Zimmerman (Cedar Crest) – 44’9”  2nd place

Jaxon Speece (Annville-Cleona) – 33’2”

Aiden Baez (Lebanon) – 30’5.75”



Tanner Zimmerman (Cedar Crest) – 143’3.75”  1st place

Avery Kurtz (ELCO) – 128’6”  2nd place

Chase Warren (Cedar Crest) – 115’5”  8th place 

Lane Peters (Annville-Cleona) – 89’5.5”

Aiden Baez (Lebanon) – 79’5”


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