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Lancaster Lebanon League Indoor Track Meet: LebCo Results

This past Saturday, track and field athletes from eighteen Lancaster Lebanon League schools met at Alvernia to take part in an indoor event.  The name of the event was the Lancaster PAL’s LL Challenge, as it was sponsored by the Police Athletic League of Lancaster.  Competing in the event from Lebanon County were ninety-one student-athletes representing Annville-Cleona, Cedar Crest, ELCO, and Lebanon.


Girls Results

60m (Prelims)

12th     8.43     Yuna Mercedes, Lebanon

20th     8.73     Riley Braun, ELCO

21st     8.80     Elizabeth Dimov, ELCO

24th     8.91     Madison Long, Annville-Cleona

26th     9.05     Lillian Bailey, ELCO

30th     9.27     Dimaris Rivera Colon, Lebanon

34th     9.77     Cecilia Ricar, Cedar Crest

60m Hurdles (Finals)  

4th       10.52   Jacey Hentz, ELCO

60m Hurdles (Prelims) 

2nd      10.10   Jacey Hentz, ELCO

9th       11.20   Dimaris Rivera Colon, Lebanon


3rd       27.29   Mileyska Calderon Calderon, Lebanon

13th     29.13   Olivia Winters,  ELCO

14th     29.17   Yuna Mercedes, Lebanon

19th     30.86   Madison Long, Annville-Cleona


4th       01:02.5  Mileyska Calderon Calderon, Lebanon

10th     01:09.4  Bella Badolato, ELCO

14th     01:13.3  Luissana Polanco Lora, Lebanon

17th     01:15.4  Sereniti Zidik, Lebanon

19th     01:22.0  Kailey Hable, ELCO

20th     01:22.7  Sierra Bender, ELCO


9th       02:44.3  Camilla Zimmerman, Cedar Crest

10th     02:44.4  Alie Forker, Cedar Crest

14th     02:49.1  Megan Brophy, Annville-Cleona

20th     02:54.6  Nina Milosevic, ELCO

22nd    02:57.5  Emilie Stefanchik, Annville-Cleona

23rd     03:08.9  Ella Whalen, Lebanon

25th     03:35.3  Cheyenne Roy, Lebanon

One Mile      

8th       06:13.9  Nina Milosevic, ELCO

11th     06:20.1  Emily Maag, Annville-Cleona

17th     06:34.1  Shawna Donough, ELCO

18th     06:38.5  Loni Ogunwusi, ELCO

20th     06:41.0  Ella Whalen, Lebanon

23rd     07:35.1   Cheyenne Roy, Lebanon


6th       12:07.5  Isabel Zwally, ELCO

9th       12:37.3  Jillian Tobias, Cedar Crest

10th     13:35.7  Syan Swanger, ELCO


5th       01:56.0  ELCO


5th       04:51.4   ELCO

High Jump      

11th     4-3       Nicole Books, ELCO

Long Jump     

2nd      17-1.25  Jacey Hentz, ELCO

7th       15-2.5  Mileyska Calderon Calderon, Lebanon

10th     14-9.75  Emma Spittle, Cedar Crest

11th     14-9.5   Makenna Haas, ELCO

15th     13-9      Mariah Johnson, Lebanon

Triple Jump    

3rd       33-5.5  Makenna Haas, ELCO

6th       30-5.75  Mariah Johnson, Lebanon

8th       29-9     Emma Spittle, Cedar Crest

Pole Vault      

1st       11-0     Carissa Bender, ELCO

3rd       10-0     Jacey Hentz, ELCO

4th       10-0     Hailee Kreiser, Cedar Crest

Shot Put     

10th     26-6.5  Paige Thomas, ELCO

13th     23-2     Chloe Behney, ELCO

14th     14-10.5 Marissa Deitzler, Lebanon

Boys Results

60m (Finals)

6th       7.32     Nick Garman, Cedar Crest

60m (Prelims)

2nd      7.22     Nick Garman, Cedar Crest

15th     7.61     Landen Weaber, Cedar Crest

16th     7.63     RJay Spivey Nickerson, Lebanon

23rd     7.75     Jahkeim Medlock, Lebanon

27th     7.85     Paithan Zulick, Lebanon

30th     7.91     Dylan Clements, Annville-Cleona

31st     7.99     Avery Huie, ELCO

34th     8.08     Ben Stohler, ELCO

35th     8.23     Dylan McDonnell, ELCO

36th     8.23     Christian Viveros, Cedar Crest

37th     8.30     Ian Buvoltz, Annville-Cleona

60m Hurdles (Finals)

4th       8.90     Reed Fretz, Cedar Crest

60m Hurdles (Prelims)

4th       8.94     Reed Fretz, Cedar Crest

9th       9.54     Luke Macchione, ELCO


1st       23.06   Nick Garman, Cedar Crest

4th       24.12   Kyle Rauchut, Cedar Crest

14th     25.27   Zachary Martin, ELCO

17th     25.70   Paithan Zulick, Lebanon

20th     26.12   Chris Yanez, Cedar Crest

23rd     26.30   Dylan Clements, Annville-Cleona

27th     26.72   Tim Montijo, Annville-Cleona

29th     28.04   Ian Buvoltz, Annville-Cleona

31st     28.54   Dylan McDonnell, ELCO

32nd    34.49   Armando Berrios, Lebanon

33rd     35.42   Gabriel Vega Rodriguez, Lebanon


11th     56.34   Charles Joffy, Cedar Crest

16th     57.80   Bryce Hoglund, ELCO

17th     58.04   Z. Moyer, Annville-Cleona

19th     59.04   Thadeous Gilbert, Lebanon

21st     01:00.1  Arturo Chavez-Ramirez, Cedar Crest

25th     01:01.0  Tayvian Rivera, Lebanon

29th     01:08.0  Angel Pinto, Lebanon

30th     01:17.3  Nick Rhine, Cedar Crest


6th       02:08.4   Jake Perhonitch, Cedar Crest

8th       02:11.8    Viseth Meng, Cedar Crest

16th     02:17.5    Nathan Meng, Cedar Crest

19th     02:24.2    Z. Moyer, Annville-Cleona

20th     02:25.9    Jonathan Beltran Garcia, Lebanon

21st     02:27.4      Javier Montalvo, Lebanon

24th     02:34.5     Samuel Davenport, Lebanon

One Mile

4th       04:41.1       Ramon Urena Batista, Lebanon

8th       04:46.1      Owen Sparks, Cedar Crest

10th     04:50.3      Ben Causak, Cedar Crest

12th     04:55.1        Chad Keller, ELCO

14th     04:55.8        Travis Furmanski, Cedar Crest

15th     04:56.0        Tyler Long, Lebanon

20th     05:11.2         Samuel Martinez Martinez, Lebanon

28th     05:41.3         Dominic Basselgia, Annville-Cleona


2nd      09:09.1   Jake Perhonitch, Cedar Crest

5th       09:35.7   Owen Kreider, Lebanon

8th       09:53.4   Brendon Shaak, Lebanon

11th     10:00.2    Anthony Figueroa, Cedar Crest

13th     10:20.3   Matt Clemson, Annville-Cleona

High Jump

3rd       5-9  Zahir Stoner, Lebanon

9th       5-3  RJay Spivey Nickerson, Lebanon

Long Jump

2nd      19-10.5   Reed Fretz, Cedar Crest

7th       19-0        RJay Spivey Nickerson, Lebanon

12th     18-2        Lassana Konneh, Annville-Cleona

13th     18-0.75   Ben Stohler, ELCO

14th     18-0.75   Derek Infante, Lebanon

18th     17-5.25  Charles Joffy, Cedar Crest

21st     16-9       Bryce Hoglund, ELCO

Triple Jump

3rd       39-7.5    Luke Macchione, ELCO

9th       36-8.25  Zahir Stoner, Lebanon

11th     35-5         Lassana Konneh, Annville-Cleona

Pole Vault

4th       9-0  Vinay Saraiya, Cedar Crest

Shot Put

2nd      49-10.25    Colin Daub, ELCO

8th       42-0            Christian Weaber, Cedar Crest

12th     38-6.25       Joseph Garcia, Lebanon

14th     37-6.5        Alex Kissinger, Cedar Crest

22nd    23-6.5        Aidan Baez, Lebanon

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