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LebCo Male Athletes of the Week: Oliver Funck & Hunter Heinsey (Week Ending March 3, 2024)

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Oliver Funck

For many athletes, distance running and Wrestling go hand-in-hand. Annville-Cleona’s Oliver Funck is the epitome of this, as he is an accomplished distance runner and completed his sophomore wrestling season with medals at Sectionals and the District 3 Championship. His excellent performances concluded with an 8th-place finish in the 121-pound weight class at the Southeast Regional Championships. In the tournament, Funck notched two gritty one-point victories. His effort caught the attention of our voters, who chose Funck as a LebCo Male Athlete of the Week.

In talking about his season, which he finished with a 29-19 record, “Ollie” focused heavily on his development. He said, “I had a rough start to the season and wrestled some really good kids throughout the year, which helped me improve and get better experience for the postseason.” Regarding the tough competition, it is worth noting that Funck wrestled Northern Lebanon’s Aaron Seidel three times this season.

Each match was a learning experience for the sophomore. Funck credits his distance running and the running that Coach Miller makes the team do during the winter season for his “mental toughness.”

In terms of running, Funck is a vital member of the Annville Cross Country team that won the State Championship this past Fall. Individually, he finished 21st overall and was the team’s #2 runner. Already a State Champ in one sport, Funck hopes to eventually enjoy that feeling by medaling in all three seasons by his senior year. His leap from his freshman to sophomore seasons is a testament to his hard work and dedication, which might get him to that goal.

Funck is not the first athlete in his family. His older brother, Hayden, was a 100-win wrestler for Annville-Cleona and went on to compete at Ferrum College. The ever-competitive younger brother is quick to point out that he is better than big bro.

For now, Funck has moved onto the Track, where he will help lead the Dutchmen this spring. Time will tell as to how far he will push towards his goals or whether or not he will surpass his older brother, but one thing for sure is that it will be entertaining.

For now, we wish Ollie the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he ends up doing next.




Hunter Heinsey

At the Pennsylvania Eastern Regional Bowling Championships, ELCO’s Hunter Heinsey was impressive. He rolled a 219.4 average over the course of five games in the qualifying rounds. His high game of 279 was part of his overall total of 1097. That score placed him 13th. The dynamic performance was a double-edged sword, as the talented senior missed States by just five pins. However, our voters recognized his effort and took the opportunity to vote for Heinsey as a LebCo Male Athlete of the Week.

To put it in perspective as to how good Heinsey was at Regionals, let’s rewind to the regular season, where he paired with Morgan Kline as a solid 1-2 punch that placed the Raiders as the runner-up in Section 3. His season average was 213, with a high game of 278. His high series (three games) was a mind-boggling 732. He went on to place 18th at the District 3 Championships. At Regionals, he was at his best.

When asked about Heinsey, ELCO Bowling’s Coach, Pam Rittle, said, “Hunter is a great asset to the team. He’s a really good bowler and spends time encouraging and giving tips to newer bowlers on the team.”

In reflecting upon his season, “Double H” said that it was, “Pretty awesome.” He said, “I was 20 pins over my average from last year and went farther in the postseason.”

Heinsey also stated, “I think I exceeded my expectations from last year and really grew as a bowler and as a teammate.”

While Bowling might be considered a minor sport to some, it is very competitive. This led Heinsey to have to dig deep after having struggled in past years at times when he got upset with himself. He has faced numerous challenges, including maintaining his focus and composure during high-pressure situations. Since then, he says he has “Really worked on my inner fortitude and battling adversity.” This dedication to self-improvement and resilience has been a significant factor in his success.

Heinsey’s hard work paid off with an exciting senior year. He will now take his talents to Tennessee Wesleyan University where he plans to continue his bowling career. This decision to pursue his passion for Bowling at the collegiate level is a testament to his dedication and love for the sport. While in Athens, Tennessee, he plans to major in Sports Administration, a field that will allow him to combine his passion for sports with his academic interests.

We look forward to hearing more about Heinsey as he continues to compete at the collegiate level and as he enters competitions on his own. With his improvement over the past year, Heinsey will be worth watching well into the future. We wish Hunter all the best in all of his future endeavors!






Female Athlete of the Week: Staisy Martinez Severino


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