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Cross Country: Paul Short & Carlisle Invitationals – LebCo Results

On Saturday, the Cross Country teams from Cedar Crest, Lebanon, and Palmyra were in action.  Cedar Crest and Lebanon were at Lehigh University for the Paul Short Invitational.  Palmyra was at the Carlisle Invitational.  Below are their results from these large, prestigious meets.



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Paul Short Invitational

The teams from Cedar Crest and Lebanon traveled to Lehigh University on Saturday morning to compete in the annual Paul Short Invitational.  This meet is a large event with high school and college races that last all day.  The races began at 9:30 am and the last gun went off at 5:00 pm.  The race conditions were muddy, making a slow slog of the usually fast course.



Our two LebCo teams competed in the High School Brown Race, which included 370 finishers and 34 teams.  As a team, Cedar Crest finished 18th overall.

The top team was from Morgantown (WV).  Hempfield’s Ella Wolfe running 18:22.5 to finish 4th overall to lead the Lancaster Lebanon contingent,


Cedar Crest

20:31.7      Lizzie Lowe – 57th

20:36.8      Eliana Schneider – 65th

21:05.6      Maddie Lowe – 99th

21:51.4      Sam Yorty  135th

22:00.9      Maggie Chernich – 147th

23:06.0      Nora Cuthie – 218th

24:13.7      Vivian Doster – 278th

24:24.5      Margaret Cuthie – 288th

25:00.8      Juliana O’Hara – 310th



23:50.3      Ella Whalen – 261st



The LebCo teams competed in the Boys Brown Division, a race that included 467 finishers and 43 teams.  The Falcons finished 25th, while the Cedars finished next at 26th.  The top local finished was Lebanon’s Ramon Urena Batista, who medaled with his 15th place performance.

The top two teams were both fairly local, with Manheim Township edging out Hershey by a single point.  Lampeter-Strasburg’s Colin Whitaker ran a 15:18.9 to finish 2nd overall.


Cedar Crest

17:06.3      Travis Furmanski – 91st

17:16.4      Ben Causak – 110th

17:16.6      Viseth Meng – 113th

17:50.1      Anthony Figueroa – 165th

18:06.7      Arturo Chavez-Ramirez – 199th

18:32.8      Jack Williams – 236th

19:36.8      Evan Weimer – 339th

19:38.7      Tobias Felker – 342nd

19:50.4      Benjamin Sheffield – 353rd

20:50.9      Conner Danz – 398th

21:21.5      Cameran Willis – 419th



15:57.7      Ramon Urena Batista – 15th

17:37.9      Tyler Long – 142nd

17:49.6      Gavin Sheetz – 162nd

18:03.0      Brendon Shaak – 189th

18:05.3      Javier Montalvo – 198th

18:15.4      Samuel Hershey – 212th

18:40.4      Jonathan Beltran Garcia – 249th

18:56.7      Owen Kreider – 279th

20:44.6      Cole Showers – 393rd



Carlisle Invitational

The Palmyra Cougars were one of 103 teams who made the trip to Carlisle to compete at this very large high school only event.


Palmyra Girls

The Lady Cougars finished 13th out of the 39 teams in the Girls Challenge large school race.  In the combined large/small school results, Palmyra finished 17th out of the 76 scoring teams.

The top large school and top team overall was Tatnall, visiting from Wilmington, DE.



20:29.8     Avery Rohrer – 42nd

21:12.1      Amber McCurdy – 68th

21:29.9      Ellie Schaffer – 85th

21:40.2      Abby Berarducci – 96th

22:17.9      Andrea Cooper – 134th

22:50.1      Leah Senft – 153rd

24:16.7      Cecilia  Cole – 207th


Junior Varsity

24:02.0      Alyssa McCully – 61st

24:08.0      Olivia Yorty – 64th

24:31.0      Helena Baker – 78th

25:00.2      Grace Chesney – 100th

25:08.5      Abby Keiner – 106th

25:15.9      Sarah Sipe – 109th

25:34.2      Bailey Grissinger – 121st

27:30.5      Cal Mull – 198th

27:32.2      Victoria Mrakovich – 199th

27:55.8      Rachel Cote – 211th

28:15.8      Sarah Mickalonis – 228th

31:58.3      Eleanor Brower – 289th



Palmyra Boys

The Cougars finished 22nd as a team in the Boys Challenge Division (Large School Varsity), with Cornelius Cummings leading the way with a 23rd place finish out of the 323 racers.  Expanded to include the 9th-grade exclusive race, the small school race, and JV race, Cummings finished 25th out of 1,202 boys.

In the Challenge Division, the top team was University High out of Morgantown, WV, while the top PA-based team was La Salle College High School.



16:28.6      Cornelius Cummings – 23rd

17:39.0      Jake Vottero – 103rd

18:17.6      Gavin  Bullard – 152nd

18:33.3      Logan Mierzwicki – 171st

18:36.3      Joshua Miller – 181st

18:51.2      Joshua Townsend – 200th

19:55.1      Cohen Claar – 267th

Junior Varsity

18:57.8      Ethan Yorty – 60th

19:12.5      Jason Foutz – 70th

19:40.2      Nathan Keiner – 116th

19:43.2      Luke Vottero – 120th

19:45.5      Jack Bruce – 123rd

19:49.8      Nathan Werner – 125th

19:51.4      Brayden Zerphy – 126th

19:57.5      Landyn Rose – 133rd

20:13.4      Max Davis – 155th

20:25.7      Andrew Johnson – 173rd

20:35.0      Alfred Nazeeri – 185th

20:37.2      Daniel Ray – 187th

21:49.2      Zachery Morrissey – 271st

22:17.4      Bryce Readinger – 291st

22:19.9      Andy Driscoll – 294th

23:15.6      Brayden Zettlemoyer – 345th

23:49.0      Luke Johnson – 366th

41:16.1      Logan Franchina – 430th




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