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Cross Country: Lancaster Lebanon League Championship – LebCo Results

On Tuesday, in almost perfect running weather, the Lancaster Lebanon League held its Cross Country Championship Meet at South Hills Park for the first time.  The move followed construction at Ephrata which made the traditional course unavailable.  Coach Tommy Pearson and Athletic Director Carlos Sanchez spearheaded the effort by Lebanon for the course to be moved to the South Lebanon public park, which also serves as the home cross country course for the Cedars.  Cedar Crest joined as a co-host, with considerable work being put in by Coach Brandon Risser and AD Rick Dissinger. It was then coordinated with the VA Hospital to use some of their grounds in order to make for a suitable championship course.

Below are the LebCo specific results from the races.  It is noted where teams qualified for the District 3 Championship Meet, which will be held at Big Spring High School on October 28th.  However, we are still working to confirm which individuals may have also qualified.


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Cedar Crest sophomore Eliana Schneider finished 4th for the 2nd straight year.  Her time of 18:48.4 showed that she may be primed for a strong push the next two levels of Championships.

After the race, Schneider said that she felt “pretty good”, going on to say, “It was probably the best race that I had this season so far. I was tired and just not in it for a lot of the races, but this I was glad that I was able to come out here and just like put a good effort.”

When asked how this year compared to last year, Schneider said, “I think I’m definitely stronger. I’m fresher, because I didn’t start completely training until later in the season with doing other sports. But yeah, I feel a lot fresher now.”

When considering the races to come, Schneider said, “I’m pretty confident now that I know what I can do like against the girls.”  She summed it up by stating, “I think I’m going to do pretty good.”

Schneider led the Cedar Crest team to a 5th place finish, the highest of the LebCo teams. The overall team title was won by Manheim Township, while the individual race was won by Hempfield’s Ella Wolfe, a national champion triathlete.


Overall Top 10

1st Ella Wolfe (Hempfield) – 18:12.70

2nd Elena Barrall (Manheim Township) – 18:37.10

3rd Gabrielle Thiry  (McCaskey) – 18:46.90

4th Eliana Schneider (Cedar Crest) – 18:48.40

5th Ruby Garner-Valle (McCaskey) –  19:09.10

6th Ava Shirk (Manheim Township) – 19:11.10

7th Molly Myers (Donegal) – 19:11.70

8th Aubrey Ressler (Pequea Valley) – 19:16.90

9th Ella Hartel (Warwick) –  19:17.70

10th Ali Fink (Elizabethtown Area) – 19:19.20


Team Results

5th   Cedar Crest #

8th   Annville-Cleona #

15th  ELCO #

# denotes AA District Qualifier

# denotes AAA District Qualifier


LebCo Individual Results

4th       Eliana Schneider (Cedar Crest) – 18:48.4

19th     Mackenzie Stellmach (Annville-Cleona) – 19:58.4

21st     Emily Maag (Annville-Cleona) – 20:01.5

24th     Lizzie Lowe (Cedar Crest) – 20:18.3

31st     Reagan Zwally  (ELCO) – 20:38.1

39th     Maddie Lowe (Cedar Crest) – 20:53.2

54th     Audrey Fugate (Cedar Crest) – 21:42.7

59th     Leah Tshudy (Annville-Cleona) – 21:48.3

61st     Sam Yorty (Cedar Crest) – 21:53.2

72nd    Emilie Stefanchik (Annville-Cleona) – 22:19.0

74th     Nora Cuthie (Cedar Crest) – 22:22.3

77th     Vivian Doster (Cedar Crest) – 22:28.7

84th     Anna Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 22:42.6

85th     Loni Ogunwusi (ELCO) – 22:47.3

101st   Shawna Donough (ELCO) – 23:19.6

103rd   Ella Whalen (Lebanon) – 23:30.6

112th   Desaray Nolt (ELCO) – 24:07.5

115th   Megan Brophy (Annville-Cleona) – 24:24.4

119th   Madison Long  (Annville-Cleona) – 24:46.7

121st   Nadia Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 24:56.0

126th   Jade Kasprowicz (Northern Lebanon) –  25:55.2

128th   Alexis Schreckengost (Northern Lebanon) – 25:59.4

135th   Anna Lehman (ELCO) – 27:32.0

137th   Layna Horner (Northern Lebanon) – 27:39.6

138th   Clarissa Schamber (Northern Lebanon) – 30:47.9



Individual Results By Team

Annville Cleona (8th place)

19th     Mackenzie Stellmach – 19:58.4

21st     Emily Maag – 20:01.5

59th     Leah Tshudy – 21:48.3

72nd    Emilie Stefanchik  – 22:19.0

84th     Anna Lezon – 22:42.6

115th   Megan Brophy – 24:24.4

119th   Madison Long – 24:46.7

121st   Nadia Lezon – 24:56.0


Cedar Crest (5th place)

4th       Eliana Schneider – 18:48.4

24th     Lizzie Lowe – 20:18.3

39th     Maddie Lowe – 20:53.2

54th     Audrey Fugate – 21:42.7

61st     Sam Yorty – 21:53.2

74th     Nora Cuthie – 22:22.3

77th     Vivian Doster – 22:28.7


ELCO (15th place)

31st     Reagan Zwally – 20:38.1

85th     Loni Ogunwusi – 22:47.3

101st   Shawna Donough – 23:19.6

112th   Desaray Nolt – 24:07.5

135th   Anna Lehman  – 27:32.0


Lebanon (No team score)

103rd   Ella Whalen – 23:30.6


Northern Lebanon (No team score)

126th   Jade Kasprowicz – 25:55.2

128th   Alexis Schreckengost  – 25:59.4

137th   Layna Horner – 27:39.6

138th   Clarissa Schamber – 30:47.9


Full Meet Results – Girls


Mid Penn Championships – Palmyra Results


With a time of 15:14, the Boys race was won by one of the favorites to win the State Championship this year, Colin Whitaker of Lampeter-Strasburg.  The top finisher from a LebCo team was Lebanon’s Ramon Urena Batista, who finished 5th with a time of 16:18.2.  His performance helped the Cedars to snag the final AAA team spot of Districts.  In fact, all of the LebCo teams qualified for Districts.  With their 5th place finished, Annville-Cleona was the top scoring team among the LebCo participants, led by Landon Hostetter’s 12th place finish.  Like in the Girls race, Manheim Township won the overall team title.


Urena Bastista Interview (Update)

We caught up with Urena Batista following his 5th place finish, during which he said about his race, “I’m happy with my 5th place finish since I was 20th last year. I feel like I’ve come a long way this season. While I believe I have performed well in every race, I am certain I can do even better.”

In terms of doing better, he said of the next race: “My goal for district is to be under top 7. I am capable. There are a lot of excellent competitors, but l can race with those guys. I’m super proud of my team because they worked super hard to qualify for Districts. Even though they can do a lot better, they never stop working hard to improve their skills.”

For the senior Urena Batista, who only started running last season, he has perspective on what it takes to grow as an athlete, but he has also grown personally since first arriving from the Dominican Republic in middle school.  In his reflection, he said that his secret is to, “Never give up.”  He went on to say, “I went from being bullied at school to being admired by many people. I will never give up and will chase my dreams in order to make my parents proud.”


Overall Top 10

1st Colin Whitaker (Lampeter-Strasburg) – 15:14.00

2nd Adam Kingston (Manheim Township) – 15:42.20

3rd Cole Stevens (Manheim Township) – 15:51.00

4th Kaleb Kabakjian (Penn Manor) -16:12.90

5th Ramon Urena Batista (Lebanon) – 16:18.20

6th Sam Freedman (Hempfield) 16:19.10

7th Emerson Long (Hempfield) 16:20.40

8th Ethan Peffley (Manheim Township) 16:21.30

9th Matthew McNair (McCaskey) 16:22.20

10th Dylan DelVecchio (Manheim Township) 16:23.00


Team Results

5th   Annville-Cleona #

7th   Cedar Crest #

10th  Lebanon #

11th   Northern Lebanon #

16th  ELCO #

# denotes A District Qualifier

# denotes AA District Qualifier

# denotes AAA District Qualifier


LebCo Individual Results

5th       Ramon Urena Batista  (Lebanon) – 16:18.2

12th     Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona) – 16:27.4

14th     Tyler Shunk (Northern Lebanon) – 16:28.1

18th     Travis Furmanski (Cedar Crest) – 16:37.9

20th     Oliver Funck (Annville-Cleona) – 16:41.5

29th     David Moran (Annville-Cleona) – 16:57.3

30th     Ben Causak (Cedar Crest) – 17:02.8

38th     Luke Hentz (Northern Lebanon)- 17:15.5

42nd    Anthony Figueroa (Cedar Crest) – 17:18.9

43rd     Viseth Meng (Cedar Crest) – 17:21.2

44th     Chad Keller (ELCO) – 17:21.6

49th     Matt Clemson  (Annville-Cleona) – 17:33.5

52nd    Samuel Domencic (Annville-Cleona) – 17:40.2

58th     Tyler Long (Lebanon) – 17:49.4

63rd     Brendon Shaak (Lebanon) – 17:53.6

66th     Samuel Hershey (Lebanon) – 17:54.6

67th     Javier Montalvo (Lebanon) – 17:56.9

69th     Jack Williams (Cedar Crest) – 17:58.4

73rd     Jake Perhonitch  (Cedar Crest) – 18:09.7

75th     Caleb Sanders  (Northern Lebanon) – 18:10.7

78th     Arturo Chavez-Ramirez (Cedar Crest) – 18:15.5

79th     Z Moyer (Annville-Cleona) – 18:15.7

81st     Owen Kreider (Lebanon) – 18:17.7

84th     Jonathan Beltran Garcia (Lebanon) – 18:19.8

85th     Gavin Sheetz (Lebanon) – 18:20.3

88th     Joseph Escobales (Northern Lebanon) – 18:22.0

90th     Gabe Asper (ELCO) – 18:26.4

94th     Ethan Donough (ELCO) – 18:28.7

99th     David Boyer (Northern Lebanon) – 18:36.9

106th   Wesley Doll  (ELCO) – 18:46.6

110th   Tucker Reiber (Northern Lebanon) – 18:57.3

113th   Thaddeus Raub (Northern Lebanon) – 19:02.1

114th   Luke Tshudy (Annville-Cleona) – 19:03.7

117th   Josiah Kelly (Northern Lebanon) – 19:06.3

120th   Benjamin Sheffield (Cedar Crest) – 19:12.6

122nd  Dominic Basselgia (Annville-Cleona) – 19:14.9

127th   Harrison Kramer (ELCO) – 19:24.8

150th   Grant Liskey (ELCO) – 20:39.9

155th   Ethan Frey (ELCO) – 21:01.8

156th   Deacon Shearer  (ELCO) – 21:10.5


Individual Results By Team

Annville Cleona (5th place)

12th     Landon Hostetter – 16:27.4

20th     Oliver Funck  – 16:41.5

29th     David Moran – 16:57.3

49th     Matt Clemson – 17:33.5

52nd    Samuel Domencic – 17:40.2

79th     Z Moyer – 18:15.7

114th   Luke Tshudy – 19:03.7

122nd  Dominic Basselgia – 19:14.9


Cedar Crest (7th place)

18th     Travis Furmanski – 16:37.9

30th     Ben Causak – 17:02.8

42nd    Anthony Figueroa – 17:18.9

43rd     Viseth Meng – 17:21.2

69th     Jack Williams – 17:58.4

73rd     Jake Perhonitch – 18:09.7

78th     Arturo Chavez-Ramirez – 18:15.5

120th   Benjamin Sheffield – 19:12.6


ELCO (16th place)

44th     Chad Keller – 17:21.6

90th     Gabe Asper – 18:26.4

94th     Ethan Donough – 18:28.7

106th   Wesley Doll – 18:46.6

127th   Harrison Kramer – 19:24.8

150th   Grant Liskey – 20:39.9

155th   Ethan Frey – 21:01.8

156th   Deacon Shearer – 21:10.5


Lebanon (10th place)

5th       Ramon Urena Batista – 16:18.2

58th     Tyler Long – 17:49.4

63rd     Brendon Shaak – 17:53.6

66th     Samuel Hershey – 17:54.6

67th     Javier Montalvo  – 17:56.9

81st     Owen Kreider – 18:17.7

84th     Jonathan Beltran Garcia – 18:19.8

85th     Gavin Sheetz – 18:20.3


Northern Lebanon (11th place)

14th     Tyler Shunk – 16:28.1

38th     Luke Hentz – 17:15.5

75th     Caleb Sanders – 18:10.7

88th     Joseph Escobales – 18:22.0

99th     David Boyer – 18:36.9

110th   Tucker Reiber – 18:57.3

113th   Thaddeus Raub – 19:02.1

117th   Josiah Kelly – 19:06.3


Full Meet Results – Boys








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