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Weekend Track & Field Invitationals, April 14-15: LebCo Results

Over the weekend, LebCo athletes from five schools competed in four meets. At each of these meets, our local athletes put some nice numbers that worthy of recognition.


Hershey Meet of Champions

On Friday evening, Annville-Cleona sent a small contingent of runners to compete at the Hershey Meet of Champions.  The invitational, now in its third year, is a small evening meet that  included only eleven total schools, with some only sending a handful of athletes.

With that being said, Annville only took four runners, all who competed in the 3200m run. Of those runners, Makenzie Stellmach and Landon Hostetter each ran times that are currently the fastest run this season by LebCo athletes.


Girls: Annville-Cleona


9th       Makenzie Stellmach    12:20.81

13th    Noryann Mitchell  12:54.80

Boys: Annville-Cleona


6th      Landon Hostetter   10:05.75

12th    Matt Clemson  10:38.11


For full results of the Hershey Meet of Champions, visit here.


Sterling Hoffman Invitational

Northern Lebanon made the short trip to Tulpehocken to compete in the Sterling Hoffman Invitational.  This meet was specifically designed for small schools with less than seventy student-athletes on their combined boys/girls rosters.  In total, fourteen schools were in attendance.

As a team, Northern Lebanon’s Girls finished 7th and the Boys finished 6th. While there were some good performances, none was better than Tyler Shunk’s 3200m run where he finished first in a time of 10:24.06 that bested the previous meet record by nearly seven full seconds.


Girls: Northern Lebanon


14th     Sara Rich     14.17

17th    Alana Dry    14.75



7th       Sara Rich   28.96

13th    Johbrianna Long   30.23

17th    Alana Dry    30.63



7th       Ashley Rich   1:05.94

15th    Isabella Long   1:12.54

17th    Jade Kasprowicz      1:13.9



13th    Erin Shuey       3:01.85

15th    Carly Walborn 3:02.78

17th    Alex Spangler  3:04.58



15th    Alex Spangler  7:06.66

16th    Alexis Schreckengost  7:08.42

17th    Erin Shuey       7:11.29



5th       Alyssa Marlowe    14:36.14

6th       Layla Baker      14:58.98

8th       Kadence Shuey   15:53.57


100m High Hurdles – Finals

2nd      Johbrianna Long         17.63

6th       Toccoa Boyer   18.57

100m High Hurdles – Prelims

2nd      Johbrianna Long         17.92

7th       Toccoa Boyer   18.96

11th    Sadie Ostermeyer       20.81


300m IM Hurdles 

4th       Toccoa Boyer   52.38

13th      Sadie Ostermeyer       59.50

17th      Grace Boyer   1:04.84


4x100m – 4th    Northern Lebanon      54.83

4x400m Relay – 5th     Northern Lebanon      4:36.01

4x800m – 5th Northern Lebanon      11:50.96


Long Jump

5th       Brielle McFeaters   13’8″

7th       Jillian Zechman    13’5″

12th    Isabella Long   13’2″


Triple Jump 

11th    Jillian Zechman   27’3″

13th    Brielle McFeaters    25’10.25″


High Jump

2nd      Ashley Rich      5’0″

8th       Brielle McFeaters  4’4″

9th       Jillian Zechman  4’4″


Pole Vault

6th       Ashley Rich      7’0″


Shot Put

5th       Ayva Sechman 27’5″

11th    Isabelle Seibert  25’3.5″

13th    Mariah Kipp    24’9.5″



10th    Ayva Sechman 68’9″

15th    Morgan Rank  65’0″

18th    Mariah Kipp    63’7″



8th       Isabelle Seibert   78’5″

19th    Katy Light   57’2″

25th    Morgan Rank  43’10”

Boys: Northern Lebanon


10th    Myles Watson 12.31

15th    Brenden Ryan 12.41

23rd    Peyton McKissaick   12.87



11th    Myles Watson 25.41

13th    Brenden Ryan 25.54

19th    Diego Bustillo  26.18



7th       Aidan Bertrand           55.50

14th    Diego Bustillo  59.46

16th    Tucker Reiber  1:00.63



5th       Carter Cheslock    2:12.04

17th    Josiah Kelly    2:23.34

20th    Luke Hentz    2:25.26



10th    Caleb Sanders 5:16.19

13th    Luke Hentz      5:23.50

21st     Josiah Kelly      6:05.71



1st       Tyler Shunk    10:24.04

11th    Thaddeus Raub  11:56.84

13th    Kenneth Battistelli      12:00.37


110m High Hurdles – Finals

6th       Joseph Escobales   17.66

110m High Hurdles – Prelims

6th       Joseph Escobales   18.24

10th    David Boyer   18.83

14th    Benjamin Clemmer     19.93


300m IM Hurdles

5th       Joseph Escobales   44.99

6th       David Boyer   46.00

18th    Benjamin Clemmer   49.15


4x100m Relay5th       Northern Lebanon   47.76

4x400m Relay   – 5th       Northern Lebanon    3:48.93

4x800m Relay3rd       Northern Lebanon      9:05.07


Long Jump

14th    Myles Watson 16’9.25″

17th    Kadyn Moyer  16’3″

23rd    Aeden Hromco    14’6.5″


Triple Jump

12th    Kale Erdman    32’10.5″

14th    David Boyer     32’0″

16th    Aeden Hromco     28’3″


High Jump

7th       David Boyer     5’2″


Shot Put

7th       Tanner Feagley    39’8.5″

12th    Eli Thompson  35’2.5″

16th    Alex De Mackiewicz    33’10.5″



6th       Alex De Mackiewicz    105’3″

7th       Tanner Feagley    100’5″

14th    Eli Thompson  84’11”



9th       Tanner Feagley            130’2″

11th    Alex De Mackiewicz    117’11”

17th    Eli Thompson  104’9″


For full results of the Sterling Hoffman Invite, visit here.


Arctic Blast Invitational

Northern York hosted its annual Arctic Blast Invitational, a name that pays tribute to their polar bear mascot.  Only one athlete from Lebanon County participated in the event: Palmyra’s Mason Bucks.  Looking for quality pole vault competition in an attempt to get ready for bigger meets, the junior Bucks made the trip. To give you an idea as to why this is important: Bucks had the top vault in Pennsylvania this season and was also accepted as an entry into the Penn Relays.


Pole Vault

2nd      Mason Bucks   14’8″

For full results of the Arctic Blast Invite, visit here.


Black Knight Invitational

On Saturday, Cedar Crest and Lebanon both sent athletes to compete at Hempfield’s Black Knight Invitational. The 19th edition of this event drew entries from twenty-six teams.  Unfortunately, the meet was cut short due to thunderstorms that rolled through Lancaster County in the early afternoon hours.

For the events that were completed, there were several performances by LebCo athletes that earned top honors. In the girls’ competition, Lebanon’s Mileyska Calderon won gold in the long jump when her leap measured 18’1″, a new record for Lebanon High School & the Black Knight Invite . This is somewhat unbelievable as Calderon has not had a proper runway and pit on which to practice due to ongoing construction.

On the boys’ side, the Cedar Crest sprint talent was on display.  Gabe Lewis won the 100m in a time of 10.78 before anchoring the 4x100m relay team that took first with a time of 42.41.




15th    Alyssa Vandett (Cedar Crest)   13.39

20th    Ava Schreier    (Cedar Crest)   13.64

37th    Zaicia Stewart (Lebanon)        14.66



4th       Mileyska Calderon Calderon   (Lebanon)        1:00.54

24th    Carly Atkins     (Cedar Crest)   1:06.52



8th       Lizzie Lowe  (Cedar Crest)   5:30.00

15th    Jillian Tobias (Cedar Crest)   5:44.41

22nd    Maddie Lowe  (Cedar Crest)   5:58.34

42nd    Dashira Almodovar Pena  (Lebanon)        7:21.10


100m High Hurdles

9th       Shannon Dorsey  (Cedar Crest)   17.21

12th    Mariah Haggerty  (Cedar Crest)   17.47

27th    Dimaris Rivera Colon  (Lebanon)        18.85

39th    Anabel Fortuna Aracena  (Lebanon)        22.03


4x100m Relay

7th       Cedar Crest (Ava Schreier, Emma Spittle, Alyssa Vandett, Abigail Gaughan)   52.52

12th    Lebanon (Elcy Reynoso Aquino, Dimaris Rivera Colon, Zariyah Whigham, Yuna Mercedes)   56.62



3rd       Cedar Crest    (Cedar Crest)   10:16.12


Long Jump

1st       Mileyska Calderon Calderon  (Lebanon)    18’1″

15th    Emma Spittle  (Cedar Crest)   14’7″

17th    Kayla Myer  (Cedar Crest)   14’6.5″

24th    Aaliyah Ferrer (Lebanon)     13’10”


High Jump

5th       Eliana Schneider  (Cedar Crest)   5’0″

11th    Shannon Dorsey  (Cedar Crest)   4’8″

14th    Aaliyah Ferrer (Lebanon)   4’6″

18th    Lily Thomas   (Cedar Crest)   4’6″


Pole Vault

4th       Hailee Kreiser  (Cedar Crest)   10’0″

16th    Jesslyn Risser  (Cedar Crest)   8’0″


Shot Put

5th       Sophia Rosenberg  (Cedar Crest)   34’8″

16th    Dora Lopez   (Lebanon)   30’4″

33rd    Maria Skulski   (Cedar Crest)   26’2″

45th    Marissa Deitzler    (Lebanon)    15’6″




100m Finals

1st       Gabe Lewis  (Cedar Crest)   10.78

100m Prelims

1st       Gabe Lewis (Cedar Crest)   11.05

23rd    Leo Tirado  (Cedar Crest)   11.80

36th    Jacob Ruth  (Cedar Crest)   12.11

47th    Jahkiem Medlock  (Lebanon)  12.49

52nd    Gerardo Santos  (Lebanon)   12.98



7th       Ramon Urena Batista  (Lebanon)   4:30.40

24th    Jack Williams  (Cedar Crest)   4:46.66

25th    Travis Furmanski  (Cedar Crest)   4:46.68

26th    Owen Sparks   (Cedar Crest)   4:47.07

44th    Jonathon Beltran Garcia  (Lebanon)  5:09.53


110m High Hurdles

9th       Reed Fretz   (Cedar Crest)   16.27

10th    Ethan Heisey   (Cedar Crest)   16.49

23rd    Malachi Victor (Cedar Crest)   17.88


4x100m Relay

1st       Cedar Crest (Leo Tirado, Kyle Rauchut, Nick Garman, Gabe Lewis)   42.41

20th    Lebanon  (Derek Infante, RJay Spivey Nickerson, Gerardo Santos, Jahkiem Medlock)  47.03


4x800m Relay

2nd      Cedar Crest  (Jake Perhonitch, Charles Joffy, Nathan Meng, Ben Causak)   8:36.96

4th       Lebanon  (Tyler Long, Trevor Gipe, Thadeous Gilbert, Samuel Martinez)   8:39.08


Triple Jump

3rd       Nate Trace   (Lebanon)   41’5.25″

13th    Dylan Groff   (Cedar Crest)   39’1″

12th    J’veon Reyes Vega   (Cedar Crest)   39’1.5″

16th    Juan Torres   (Lebanon)  38’8.25″

26th    Derek Infante  (Lebanon)   36’1.25″



24th    Christian Weaber  (Cedar Crest)   105’0″

25th    Alex Kissinger  (Cedar Crest)  104’0″

32nd    Emanuel Mason   (Lebanon)  89’4″


For full results of the Black Knight Invite, visit here.



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