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2023 Bruce Dallas Track & Field Invitational: LebCo Results

On Saturday, forty-three high school track and field teams amassed at Cumberland Valley High School for the Bruce Dallas Invitational.  Of those teams, three of them were from Lebanon County: Cedar Crest, ELCO, and Palmyra.  For our local teams, this was their first invitational of the spring season where a large contingent was present.  In fact, between the three schools, there were about ninety Lebanon County student-athletes who competed.

Of the Lebanon County athletes who took part in the meet, thirty-three of them had top eight finishes, with four individuals finishing first in their events.  Two relay teams also finished first.

On the girls’ side, the athletes who won gold were a pair of Cedar Crest freshmen: Kaddel Howard in the 400m and Eliana Schneider in the javelin.  The two also joined forces with Lizzie Lowe and Grace Tadajweski to win the 4 x 800m relay.  All three marks were Cedar Crest school records.  Howard may have won a second event if she had had a chance to run the 200m, but storms struck about halfway through heats of that event, thus forcing the meet to end early.

Schneider impressively showed off her versatility even further, finishing 3rd in the high jump.  In the javelin event, it is worth noting that Schneider was one of four Lebanon County athletes to finish in the top five!  One the top five jav throwers was ELCO’s Sam Nelson (4th), sandwiched between Palmyra’s Sofie Price (3rd) and Olivia Appleby (5th).  Nelson also took silver in the discus throw.  One additional silver medal performance was in the 3200m, where Jillian Tobias put her talents on display.

Like the girls, the boys also had two individuals and a relay finish first.  Cedar Crest senior Gabe Lewis won the 100m with a 10.75, which was a time .19 faster than his time at States last year that got him into the Finals where he finished 7th.  Lewis joined Leo Tirado, Kyle Rauchet, and Nick Garman to win the 4 x 100m relay.  Rauchet later took 2nd in the 400m with a time of 51.03.  Palmyra’s Mason Bucks rounded out the top of the podium performances when he won the pole vault after clearing the bar when it reached 14’8”. Due to weather concerns, the pole vault was held off-site in an indoor location.  Worth mentioning is Bucks’ Palmyra teammate Tyler Burgess who took silver in both the 110m High Hurdles and the 300m Intermediate Hurdles.

With this being the first taste of big meets this season and so many local athletes stealing the show, it will definitely make for an exciting season of competition.


Girls Results

100m (Prelims)

15th     Ava Schreier  (Cedar Crest)  13.54

28th     Lydia Stoner  (Palmyra)  13.82

32nd    Abigail Gaughan (Cedar Crest)  13.92

39th     Sarah Noecker  (Cedar Crest) 14.01

42nd    Cala Hipple  (Palmyra) 14.23


13th     Isabella Owens  (Palmyra)  29.41


1st       Kaddel Howard  (Cedar Crest)  56.63

19th     Isabella Owens  (Palmyra)  1:06.1

100m Hurdles (Prelims)

17th     Mariah Haggerty (Cedar Crest)   18.18

30th     Cali Halbleib (Palmyra)  19.09

300m Hurdles

15th     Hayden Wamsher (Cedar Crest)   52.33

25th     Makenzie Wamsher (Cedar Crest)  54.97

34th     Mariah Haggerty  (Cedar Crest)   56.16

42nd    Cali Halbleib (Palmyra) 57.57


6th       Lizzie Lowe  (Cedar Crest)   02:29.4

7th       Emma Pavlesich   (Cedar Crest)   02:29.5

11th     Ellie Schaffer  (Palmyra)    2:32.7

22nd    Camilla Zimmerman   (Cedar Crest)  2:38.4

35th     Katie Dromgoole  (Palmyra)   2:51.7


13th     Avery Rohrer   (Palmyra)   5:47.3

26th     Maddie Lowe  (Cedar Crest)   6:06.0

46th     Abby Keiner  (Palmyra)   6:53.2


2nd      Jillian Tobias (Cedar Crest)   12:46.4

4th       Maggie Chernich  (Cedar Crest)   12:49.8

4x100m Relay

12th    Palmyra         54.33

4x800m Relay

1st       Cedar Crest   9:37.6

12th     Palmyra       11:53.0

Distance Medley Relay

4th       Palmyra    14:09.3

High Jump

3rd       Eliana Schneider   (Cedar Crest)   5-2

7th       Julia Bidelspach  (ELCO) 4-10

10th     Lydia Stoner   (Palmyra)   4-8

10th     Katherine Hartman   (Palmyra)    4-8

18th     Hope Swanson   (Palmyra)   4-4

26th     Shannon Dorsey   (Cedar Crest)   4-4

Long Jump

6th       Emma Spittle   (Cedar Crest)   15-6.25

9th       Eliana Schneider  (Cedar Crest)   15-4.5

15th     Isabella Temple  (Palmyra)   14-6

Triple Jump 

8th       Mya Rapp  (ELCO)  31-7.5

10th     Makenna Haas  (ELCO) 31-1.5

11th     Sofie Price  (Palmyra)  30-10.5

14th     Isabella Temple   (Palmyra)   30-4.25

17th     Abigail Gaughan  (Cedar Crest)   29-11

25th     Emma Spittle   (Cedar Crest)   29-3

29th     Xerena Topos  (Palmyra)   28-8

Pole Vault      

4th       Carissa Bender  (ELCO)  11-2

5th       Kaylie Groff   (Palmyra)  10-8

8th       Jacey Hentz  (ELCO)  10-8

10th     Ruby Wolfe (Cedar Crest)   10-2


2nd      Samantha Nelson  (ELCO)   108-2

13th     Nachali Manon Aquino  (Cedar Crest)   88-8

48th     Jordan Palmer  (Palmyra)  58-11


1st       Eliana Schneider  (Cedar Crest)   135-7

3rd       Sofie Price  (Palmyra)  115-4

4th       Samantha Nelson  (ELCO)   112-4

5th       Olivia Appleby   (Palmyra)    106-5

9th       Xerena Topos  (Palmyra)    98-6

Shot Put

32nd    Jordan Palmer  (Palmyra)   26-7.75



Boys Results

100m (Prelims)

1st       Gabe Lewis  (Cedar Crest)   10.87

21st     Jacob Burgess  (Palmyra)  11.79

33rd     Alejandro Abreu   (Cedar Crest)   11.93

35th     Travis McDannell  (Palmyra)   11.94

39th     Jeremiah Santiago  (Cedar Crest)   11.97

40th     Jose Morales  (Palmyra)   12.00

100m (Finals)

1st       Gabe Lewis      (Cedar Crest)   10.75


2nd      Kyle Rauchut   (Cedar Crest)   51.03

41st     Gaige Shuman  (Palmyra)   59.37

55th     Josh Foltz  (Palmyra)  1:02.3

110m Hurdles (Prelims)

2nd      Tyler Burgess   (Palmyra)   15.48

6th       Reed Fretz  (Cedar Crest)   16.08

14th     Ethan Heisey  (Cedar Crest)   17.03

15th     Jonathan McDannell   (Palmyra)    17.32

18th     Luke Macchione  (ELCO) 17.48

110m Hurdles (Finals)

2nd      Tyler Burgess   (Palmyra)  15.16

5th       Reed Fretz   (Cedar Crest)   16.24

300m Hurdles

2nd      Tyler Burgess   (Palmyra)   40.72

8th       Ethan Heisey  (Cedar Crest)   42.74

13th     Jonathan McDannell   (Palmyra)   43.31

31st     Reed Fretz  (Cedar Crest)   49.88


11th     Jack Williams   (Cedar Crest)   2:08.2

35th     Cohen Claar   (Palmyra)   2:17.2

38th     Colin Kirkpatrick   (Palmyra)   2:18.3

53rd     Joshua Townsend  (Palmyra)   2:23.2


14th     Jake Vottero (Palmyra)  4:43.2

17th     Camden Marquette  (ELCO) 4:44.1

18th     Jack Williams (Cedar Crest)  4:44.9

23rd     Cornelius Cummings   (Palmyra)  4:48.2

27th     Anthony Figueroa   (Cedar Crest)  4:51.9


5th       Arturo Chavez-Ramirez   (Cedar Crest)   10:44.4

17th     Logan Mierzwicki  (Palmyra)  11:17.8

18th     Gavin  Bullard  (Palmyra)   11:27.6

4x100m Relay

1st       Cedar Crest   42.60

4th       Palmyra    44.07

4x800m Relay

11th     Palmyra    9:17.6

Distance Medley Relay

5th       Palmyra    11:59.2

High Jump

10th     Jay Reyes Vega    (Cedar Crest)   5-8

10th     Leo Tirado  (Cedar Crest)   5-8

18th     Cameron Tirado  (Cedar Crest)   5-4

22nd    Randy Nihm   (Palmyra)  5-4

Long Jump

4th       Alden Stickler  (ELCO) 19-8.25

5th       Leo Tirado   (Cedar Crest)   19-7.5

8th       Izaiah Gonzalez   (Cedar Crest)   19-1.5

13th     Reed Fretz   (Cedar Crest)   18-6.5

16th     Randy Nihm  (Palmyra)   18-5

17th     Harrison Kramer  (ELCO) 18-4.75

Triple Jump

4th       Alejandro Abreu  (Cedar Crest)   39-8.75

9th       Luke Macchione  (ELCO) 37-11

10th     Dylan Groff   (Cedar Crest)   37-10.5

16th     Jay Reyes Vega   (Cedar Crest)   36-5.5

Pole Vault       

1st       Mason Bucks   (Palmyra)  14-8

9th       Zachery Morrissey   (Palmyra)   10-8

14th     Bryce Hoglund   (ELCO)  9-8

19th     Vinay Saraiya  (Cedar Crest)   8-8


6th       Colin Daub  (ELCO)  130-0

22nd    Eli Becker  (Palmyra)  111-4

33rd     Zachary Cutman   (Palmyra)   102-0

53rd     Andrew Manning  (Palmyra)   88-11

55th     Nick Lambros  (Cedar Crest)   85-6

60th     Alex Kissinger  (Cedar Crest)   84-4


5th       Eli Becker  (Palmyra)  140-6

9th       Logan Kless  (ELCO) 132-11

23rd     Nick Lambros  (Cedar Crest)   116-6

33rd     Dylan Groff   (Cedar Crest)   107-0

Shot Put

13th     Nick Lambros  (Cedar Crest)   43-8.5

16th     Colin Daub  (ELCO) 42-2

18th     Tristan Long     (Cedar Crest)   41-0.25

22nd    Alex Kissinger  (Cedar Crest)   40-1.25

25th     Andrew Manning   (Palmyra)  39-10.25

36th     Colton Long     (Palmyra)   37-7.75


Results by Team

Cedar Crest




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