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Swimming 2023 League Championships: LebCo Results

Over the weekend, both the Lancaster Lebanon League and the Mid Penn Conference held their Championships.  Although, only Cedar Crest and Palmyra compete as full teams throughout the winter season, there were athletes from five county schools in action in this weekend’s events. Below are the Lebanon County specific results for both.

The District 3 Swimming Championships will be held on March 3-4 at Cumberland Valley High School.  After finishing 2nd at the Mid Penn Championship, Palmyra’s Elise Potter will compete at the District 3 AAA Diving Championship on February 25 at Dover High School.

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Lancaster Lebanon League

The Lancaster Lebanon League Swim Championships were held at Wilson High School and included athletes from Annville-Cleona, Cedar Crest, Lebanon, Northern Lebanon.  On the boys’ side, Cedar Crest finished 7th as a team, amassing 53 points.  The Falcons scored 31 to finish 11th in the girls competition.  It was the two Lebanon boys, Carlos Hidalgo and Will Parker, who turned many heads with their dominating performances.  Together, they scored 50 points to finish 8th in the team competition.



50 yd Freestyle

1st       20.67*   Carlos Hidalgo, Sr. (Lebanon)

2nd      21.75   Will Parker, Jr. (Lebanon)

7th       22.85   Elias Perez, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

16th    23.71   Yehai Mohamed, Sr.   (Cedar Crest)

17th    23.73   Brian Lowen, Sr. (Northern Lebanon)

18th    23.90   Danny Trate, Fr. (Annville-Cleona)

26th    25.50   Xen Donten, Fr. (Cedar Crest)

* New meet record

100 yd Freestyle

1st       45.55   Carlos Hidalgo, Sr. (Lebanon)

11th    50.64   Carter Cheslock, Jr. (Northern Lebanon)

19th    53.39   Danny Trate, Fr. (Annville-Cleona)

21st     55.62   Xen Donten, Fr. (Cedar Crest)

200 yd Freestyle

5th     1:46.96  Braden Hain, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

500 yd Freestyle

20th    5:39.98   Parker Shuman, So. (Cedar Crest)

100 yd Fly

7th       56.25     Carter Cheslock, Jr.  (Northern Lebanon)

8th       58.20   Elias Perez, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

10th    58.74     Yehai Mohamed, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

21st     1:11.32  Cooper Emler, Sr.  (Cedar Crest)

100 yd Breaststroke

1st       57.40     Will Parker, Jr. (Lebanon)

14th    1:07.92  Collin Cheslock, Fr.  (Northern Lebanon)

15th    1:08.65  Wyatt Fox, Fr.  (Cedar Crest)

16th    1:09.09  Brian Lowen, Sr.  (Northern Lebanon)

100 yd Backstroke

4th       54.33      Braden Hain, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

17th    1:00.93  Cameron Connelly, Jr. (Annville-Cleona)

200 yd Individual Medley

13th    2:15.12  Cameron Connelly, Jr. (Annville-Cleona)

17th    2:18.88  Collin Cheslock, Fr. (Northern Lebanon)

20th    2:21.28  Parker Shuman, So. (Cedar Crest)

200 yd Medley Relay

8th   1:53.1  Cedar Crest (Shuman, Fox, Perez, Seidel)

200 yd Freestyle Relay

9th   1:36.54  Cedar Crest (Mohamed, Donten, Seidel, Hain)

400 yd Freestyle Relay

7th    3:30.75  Cedar Crest (Hain, Shuman, Donten, Mohamed)



50 yd Freestyle

21st     27.69   Brie Smith, Jr.  (Cedar Crest)

100 yd Freestyle

13th    57.67      Sophia Rosenberg, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

22nd    1:03.3    Colbey Brown, So. (Annville-Cleona)

200 yd Freestyle

17th    2:12.45  Grace Rosenberg, So. (Cedar Crest)

500 yd Freestyle

13th    6:05.72  Brie Smith, Jr. (Cedar Crest)

16th    6:18.64  Maddie Lowe, Jr. (Cedar Crest)

21st     6:41.60  Margaret Cuthie, So. (Cedar Crest)

100 yd Fly

12th    1:03.94  Carla Hidalgo, So. (Lebanon)

15th    1:08.94  Grace Tadajweski, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

17th    1:09.9    Colbey Brown, So. (Annville-Cleona)

19th    1:16.23  Sarah Durning, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

22nd    1:23.05  Emma Raynes, So. (Cedar Crest)

100 yd Breaststroke

6th       1:12.32   Sophia Rosenberg, Sr. (Cedar Crest)

16th    1:17.61   Heidi Fox, So. (Cedar Crest)

20th    1:19.15.  Nory Mitchell, Sr. (Annville-Cleona)

100 yd Backstroke

11th    1:03.68  Carla Hidalgo, So. (Lebanon)

15th    1:06.54  Grace Rosenberg, So. (Cedar Crest)

22nd    1:10.26  Alexis Binkley, Jr. (Lebanon)

200 yd Individual Medley

22nd    2:33.84  Alexis Binkley, Jr. (Lebanon)

27th    2:36.31  Nory Mitchell, Sr. (Annville-Cleona)

29th    2:37.14  Maddie Lowe, Jr. (Cedar Crest)

200 yd Medley Relay

8th   1:59.39   Cedar Crest (G. Rosenberg, S. Rosenberg, Smith, Tadajweski)

200 yd Freestyle Relay

6th   1:47.32   Cedar Crest (S. Rosenberg, Smith, G. Rosenberg, Tadajweski)



Mid Penn Conference

At the Mid Penn Championships, Palmyra was one of twenty-six teams who sent athletes to compete at Cumberland Valley High School.  When it came to team scores for both the boys and girls, the title was won by State College followed by Cumberland Valley.  The Cougars finished 7th on the boys’ side and 8th among the girls.


100 yd Freestyle

7th       48.60   Jacob Rudy, Sr.

15th    50.99   Jack Wolfe, Sr.

27th    54.95   Cade Palmer, So.

200 yd Freestyle

8th       1:47.95  Cornelius Cummings, Fr.

21st     1:57.09  Cohen Claar, So.

500 yd Freestyle

10th    4:58.11  Cornelius Cummings, Fr.

21st     5:18.98  Cohen Claar, So.

100 yd Fly

8th     54.69      Sam Gladysz, Fr.

11th    56.19      Zach Mintonye, Jr.

20th    1:00.42  Mac Kishel, So.

100 yd Breaststroke

12th    1:03.58  Eleano Barone, Jr.

31st     1:12.26  Mac Kishel, So.

100 yd Backstroke

10th    56.43   Zach Mintonye, Jr.

11th    57.23    Jack Wolfe, Sr.

31st     1:05.51 Cade Palmer, So.

200 yd Individual Medley

7th       2:01.75  Sam Gladysz, Fr.

15th    2:07.26  Jacob Rudy, Sr.

23rd    2:13.57  Eleano Barone, Jr.

30th    2:19.88  Grayson Teets, Sr.

200 yd Medley Relay

11th    1:46.27 Palmyra (Mintonye, Barone, Kishel, Claar)

200 yd Freestyle Relay

3rd     1:29.93  Palmyra (Rudy, S. Gladysz, Wolfe, Cummings)

16th    1:38.42  Palmyra (Russell, Barone, Palmer, Claar)

400 yd Freestyle Relay

5th     3:18.51   Palmyra (Cummings, S. Gladysz, Wolfe, Rudy)

19th   3:47.65   Palmyra (Teets, Russell, Kishel, V. Gladysz)



Diving – 1 meter

2nd      194.55   Elise Potter, Sr.

50 yd Freestyle

17th    26.16   Maddie Schoenbaum, Jr.

100 yd Freestyle

5th       55.14   Morgan Lantz, Jr.

200 yd Freestyle

8th      2:00.14  Morgan Lantz, Jr.

31st     2:13.96  Megan Claar, Sr.

500 yd Freestyle

 19th    5:48.78  Megan Claar, Sr.

100 yd Fly

18th    1:05.59  Maddie Schoenbaum, Jr.

28th    1:11.34  Mackenzie Curry, Sr.

100 yd Backstroke

9th       1:04.84  Abby Berarducci, Jr.

200 yd Individual Medley

14th    2:22.46  Abby Berarducci, Jr.

200 yd Freestyle Relay

10th  1:45.98  Palmyra (Schoenbaum, Berarducci, Clear, Lantz)

26th  1:59.79  Palmyra (Curry, Durand, Keiner, Kiefer)

400 yd Freestyle Relay

10th  3:53.35  Palmyra (Schoenbaum, Berarducci, Clear, Lantz)

24th  4:27.49  Palmyra (Curry, Durand, Kiefer, Keiner)


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