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Lebanon County Wrestling Championship: Full Results

On Saturday, five Lebanon County teams met at Annville-Cleona High School for the Lebanon County Wrestling Championship to kick off the 2022-2023 season.  Below are the full results.  For more in-depth coverage, visit the following article by clicking here.


107 Pound

1st Tyler Detwiler (Palmyra) 4-0

2nd Oliver Funck (Annville-Cleona) 3-1

3rd Wesley Doll (ELCO) 2-2

4th Jovani Rivera Gonzalez (Lebanon) 1-3

5th Jacob Rosa (Cedar Crest) 0-4

114 Pound

1st Ashton Kriss (ELCO)  2-0

2nd Jason Foutz (Palmyra) 1-1

3rd Nyzaiah Rojas (Lebanon) 0-2


121 Pound

1st Zane Trostle (ELCO)  4-0

2nd Josh Smith (Palmyra)  3-1

3rd Dominick Kline (Annville-Cleona) 2-2

4th Alexander Eberly (Lebanon) 1-3

5th Jamel Glover (Cedar Crest)  0-4


127 Pound

1st Nate Foltz (Palmyra)  4-0

2nd Steven Rosado (ELCO)  3-1

3rd Eddiean Naphtali (Lebanon)  2-2

4th Trent Good (Cedar Crest)  1-3

5th Carter Smith (Annville-Cleona)  0-4


133 Pound

1st Cael Harter (Annville-Cleona) 3-0

2nd Jason Brooks (Cedar Crest)  2-1

3rd Xavier Hoffer (Palmyra) 1-2

4th Isaiah Musser (ELCO)  0-3


139 Pound

1st Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona)  3-0

2nd Kenyon Figueroa (Cedar Crest)  2-1

3rd Jonathan Fisher (ELCO)  1-2

4th Stevie Stine (Palmyra) 0-3


145 Pound

1st Ivan Kreider (Annville-Cleona)  3-0

2nd Logan Brown (Palmyra)  2-1

3rd David Nelson (ELCO)  1-2

4th Abimael Velazquez (Cedar Crest)  0-3


152 Pound

1st Ayden Heilman (Annville-Cleona)  2-1

2nd Sam Becktel (ELCO) 2-1

3rd Mason Bucks (Palmyra)  2-1

4th Jacob Kaighn (Cedar Crest)  0-3

*Heilman defeated Becktel head-to-head, while 2nd place tie-breaker was the number of falls


160 Pound

1st Griffin Gonzalez (Lebanon) 3-0

2nd Elias Krow (ELCO) 2-1

3rd Jahmar Gonzalez-Allie (Annville-Cleona) 1-2

4th Colin Smith (Palmyra)  0-3


172 Pound

1st Luke Bailey (ELCO) 2-0

2nd Nate Holt (Palmyra)  1-1

3rd Ryan Barientos (Annville-Cleona)  0-2


189 Pound

1st Isaiah Angley (ELCO) 3-0

2nd Kadin Jones (Palmyra)  2-1

3rd Landyn Kline (Cedar Crest)  1-2

4th Riley Houck (Lebanon)  0-3


215 Pound

1st Cooper Ickes (Palmyra)  3-0

2nd Camerone Simone (Cedar Crest) 2-1

3rd Jordan Mogel (ELCO) 1-2

4th Edgar Velazquez (Lebanon) 0-3


285 Pound

1st Jayson Albright (Palmyra) 2-0

2nd Josh Lindsay (Annville-Cleona)  1-1

3rd Chris Bateman (ELCO)  0-2


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. The Big DAWG

    December 6, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    I see 10 “OLD DAWGS” either 1st or 2nd in this tournament. I might be retired but I’m still and always will be proud of all my DAWGS!

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