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District 3 Cross Country Championships: Lebanon County Results

On Saturday, all six of Lebanon County’s Cross Country teams sent runners to the District 3 Championship Meet that was held at Big Spring High School.  The entry for this meet was determined at the Lancaster-Lebanon League Championship and the Mid-Penn Championship.  With the field narrowed down to a more select crop of runners, they were going to have to run hard to qualify for the PIAA State Championship Meet, which will be held on Saturday, November 5th at Hershey.  When all runners had crossed the line, Annville-Cleona was able to leave Cumberland County with a team having won the District Championship, along with an individual runner who won gold.  All in all, at States, there will be that Annville-Cleona team and nine individual runners that are representing Lebanon County.

Below you will find a quick recap of each team’s day, along with results for each runner.  Further down, you will find combined results from all of Lebanon County’s runners.


     Annville-Cleona Dutchmen 

Girls Class AA / Boys Class A


The Annville-Cleona Girls are the 2022 District 3 AA Champions! While this is their third straight District title, this one was far more difficult than a “normal” three-peat.  First of all, Braeten Peters graduated after winning the 2020 and 2021 championships.  Secondly, they were moved from A to AA for the 2022 season.  None of this mattered, as they had several runners step up to the challenge.  Freshman Mackenzie Stellmach led the way, but Nory Mitchell and Emily Maag were close behind.  Leah Tshudy and Madison Long closed out the scoring, allowing Annville to hold off second-place Bishop McDevitt by 24 points.  As a result of their performance, they will have a chance to race as a team at the PIAA State Championship Meet.

While the girls left the boys behind when they made the move to AA, the boys were not left behind in finding much to be pleased with in their race performance.  The major highlight was the fine piece of racing exhibited by Landon Hostetter, who left Big Spring as the 2022 District 3 A Champion!  As a team, the Annville-Cleona Boys came in third place in the District 3 A Championship.  While they will not be going to Hershey as a team, Oliver Funck and Matt Clemson will join Hostetter, their fellow underclassman, as they line up to race at the PIAA State Championships.


Annville-Cleona Girls Results (qualified as a team)

12th: Mackenzie Stellmach (9) – 20:30.7

14th: Noryan Mitchell (12) – 20:41.7

18th: Emily Maag (11) – 20:51.1

26th: Leah Tshudy (9) – 21:19.7

45th: Madison Long (9) – 22:11.6

51st: Emilie Stefanchik (10) – 22:23.1

78th: Nadia Lezon (10) – 23:15.6

Annville-Cleona Boys Results

1st: Landon Hostetter (10) – 16:38.3 #

16th: Oliver Funck (9) – 18:13.3 #

17th: Matt Clemson (10) – 18:15.1 #

21st: Andrew Dorsey (12) – 18:33.6

22nd: Luke Tshudy (9) – 18:39.9

24th: Samuel Domencic (11) – 18:44.2

27th: David Moran (9) – 18:47.1

# denotes individual qualification for States


     Cedar Crest Falcons 

Girls Class AAA / Boys Class AAA


On the girls side, Eliana Schneider led the way for the Cedar Crest and locked up her invitation to the PIAA State Championships. From the boys team, Ben Causal will be joining her on the road trip to Hershey.  Overall, the girls team finished 5th (top four qualify) and the boys finished 14th.

Cedar Crest Girls Results

17th: Eliana Schneider (9) – 19:30.7 #

32nd: Grace Tadajweski (12)- 19:51.2

43rd: Lizzie Lowe (11) – 20:24.2

60th: Audrey Fugate (10) – 20:45.6

86th: Jillian Tobias (12) – 21:18.0

140th: Maggie Chernich (11) – 22:16.4

199th: Maddie Lowe (11) – 24:07.3

Cedar Crest Boys Results

35th: Ben Causak (11) – 16:32.6 #

68th: Jake Perhonitch (11) -17:07.4

79th: Travis Furmanski (9) – 17:16.3

92nd: Owen Sparks (12)- 17:24.7

123rd: Viseth Meng (10) – 17:46.6

130th: Max Wauhop (12) – 17:53.2

197th: Kyle Rauchut (12) – 18:41.0

# denotes individual qualification for States


 ELCO Raiders  

Girls Class AA / Boys Class AA


As many runners find out during the championship racing season, the field can oftentimes be unpredictable.  One of ELCO’s major hopes on the girls side was for Izzy Zwally to possibly qualify for the State Meet for the second straight year.  She ran well, blazing a time that was sixteen seconds than last year, but was the first runner out when the cut was determined.

On the boys side, fate was not quite as cruel, with the Raiders qualifying two runners for the PIAA State Championship race. In today’s race, Chad Keller (17th)  led the way, with Landen Brubaker (19th) close behind.  Next week, they will have another opportunity to line up next to one another.


ELCO Girls Results

21st: Isabel Zwally (12) – 21:00.7

52nd: Loni Ogunwusi (10) – 22:24.8

54th: Shawna Donough (10) – 22:26.4

86th: Nina Milosevic (11) – 23:34.9

ELCO Boys Results

17th: Chad Keller (10) – 17:06.0 #

19th: Landen Brubaker (12) – 17:12.3 #

86th: Gabe Asper (10) – 19:24.0

100th: Wesley Doll (11) – 19:33.9

# denotes individual qualification for States

     Lebanon Cedars

Girls Class AAA / Boys Class AAA


In the biggest race of rookie runner Ramon Urena Batista’s career, he ran extremely well and fought his way to a 33rd place finish, earning a spot on the starting line at the PIAA State Championships.  After many years of not having a runner at States, Urena Batista keeps the current streak going following Caleb Hershey’s graduation.  It is worth noting that sophomore Gavin Sheetz ran a personal record and was among the top  Lebanon County runners who did not qualify for the final meet of the season.


Lebanon Boys Results

33rd: Ramon Urena Batista (11) – 16:31.8 #

64th: Gavin Sheetz (10) – 17:04.7

180th: Tyler Long (11) – 18:28.8

232nd: Brendon Shaak (11) – 20:34.4

# denotes individual qualification for States


     Northern Lebanon Vikings

Girls Class AA / Boys Class AA


As a team, the Northern Lebanon Boys ran well enough for a 5th place finished in the District 3 AA Championship.  The highlight for the Vikings was that Tyler Shunk (22nd) ran fast enough to nab one of the last available slots for the PIAA State Championship Meet.


Northern Lebanon Girls Results

102nd: Alyssa Marlowe (12) – 24:26.7

Northern Lebanon Boys Results

22nd: Tyler Shunk (11) – 17:23.1 #

39th: Luke Hentz (9)  – 18:14.2

50th: Caleb Sanders (11) – 18:34.2

54th: Joseph Escobales (11) – 18:38.1

70th: Aidan Bertrand (12) – 19:05.0

71st: Josiah Kelly (10) – 19:05.1

79th: Tucker Reiber (9) – 19:16.5

# denotes individual qualification for States


   Palmyra Cougars

Girls Class AAA / Boys Class AAA


The Palmyra Cougars lined up with hopes of gaining valuable experience that will make them a stronger team going forward.  What they got were strong performances from sophomore Ellie Shaffer in the girls race and freshman Cornelius Cummings in the boys race.  While they were unable to qualify anyone for States, there should be a sense of mission accomplished for these young teams.


Palmyra Girls Results

50th: Ellie Schaffer (10) – 20:28.7

80th: Avery Rohrer (10) – 21:14.8

134th: Andrea Cooper (9) – 22:01.1

190th: Abby Keiner (11) – 23:38.9

207th: Cecilia Cole (9) – 25:28.1


Palmyra Boys Results

52nd: Cornelius Cummings (9) – 16:52.3

149th: Jake Vottero (11) – 18:04.6

190th: Camden Lynch (12) – 18:36.2

220th: Ethan Yorty (10) – 19:19.7


Lebanon County Combined Results

Below are the combined results for all of Lebanon County’s runners, regardless of whether they ran in the A, AA, or AAA race.  Keep in mind that while the course is the same, the conditions can change throughout the day.



  1. Eliana Schneider (Cedar Crest) 19:30.7 #
  2. Grace Tadajweski (Cedar Crest) 19:51.2
  3. Lizzie Lowe (Cedar Crest) 20:24.2
  4. Ellie Schaffer (Palmyra) 20:28.7
  5. Mackenzie Stellmach (Annville-Cleona) 20:30.7 *
  6. Noryan Mitchell (Annville-Cleona) 20:41.7 *
  7. Audrey Fugate (Cedar Crest) 20:45.6
  8. Emily Maag (Annville-Cleona) 20:51.1 *
  9. Isabel Zwally (ELCO) 21:00.7
  10. Avery Rohrer (Palmyra) 21:14.8
  11. Jillian Tobias (Cedar Crest) 21:18.0
  12. Leah Tshudy (Annville-Cleona) 21:19.7 *
  13. Andrea Cooper (Palmyra) 22:01.1
  14. Madison Long (Annville-Cleona) 22:11.6 *
  15. Maggie Chernich  (Cedar Crest) 22:16.4
  16. Emilie Stefanchik (Annville-Cleona) 22:23.1 *
  17. Loni Ogunwusi (ELCO) 22:24.8
  18. Shawna Donough (ELCO) 22:26.4
  19. Nadia Lezon (Annville-Cleona) 23:15.6 *
  20. Nina Milosevic (ELCO) 23:34.9
  21. Abby Keiner (Palmyra) 23:38.9
  22. Maddie Lowe  (Cedar Crest) 24:07.3
  23. Alyssa Marlowe (Northern Lebanon)  24:26.7
  24. Cecilia Cole (Palmyra) 25:28.1

# denotes individual qualification for States

* denotes team qualification for States



  1. Ramon Urena Batista (Lebanon) 16:31.8 #
  2. Ben Causak (Cedar Crest) 16:32.6 #
  3. Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona) 16:38.3 #
  4. Cornelius Cummings (Palmyra) 16:52.3
  5. Gavin Sheetz (Lebanon) 17:04.7
  6. Chad Keller (ELCO) 17:06.0 #
  7. Jake Perhonitch (Cedar Crest) 17:07.4
  8. Landen Brubaker (ELCO) 17:12.3 #
  9. Travis Furmanski (Cedar Crest) 17:16.3
  10. Tyler Shunk (Northern Lebanon) 17:23.1 #
  11. Owen Sparks (Cedar Crest) 17:24.7
  12. Viseth Meng (Cedar Crest) 17:46.6
  13. Max Wauhop (Cedar Crest) 17:53.2
  14. Jake Vottero (Palmyra) 18:04.6
  15. Oliver Funck (Annville-Cleona) 18:13.3 #
  16. Luke Hentz (Northern Lebanon)  18:14.2
  17. Matt Clemson  (Annville-Cleona) 18:15.1 #
  18. Tyler Long (Lebanon) 18:28.8
  19. Andrew Dorsey  (Annville-Cleona) 18:33.6
  20. Caleb Sanders  (Northern Lebanon) 18:34.2
  21. Camden Lynch (Palmyra) 18:36.2
  22. Joseph Escobales  (Northern Lebanon) 18:38.1
  23. Luke Tshudy  (Annville-Cleona) 18:39.9
  24. Kyle Rauchut (Cedar Crest) 18:41.0
  25. Samuel Domencic  (Annville-Cleona) 18:44.2
  26. David Moran  (Annville-Cleona) 18:47.1
  27. Aidan Bertrand  (Northern Lebanon) 19:05.0
  28. Josiah Kelly (Northern Lebanon) 19:05.1
  29. Tucker Reiber (Northern Lebanon) 19:16.5
  30. Ethan Yorty  (Palmyra) 19:19.7
  31. Gabe Asper (ELCO) 19:24.0
  32. Wesley Doll (ELCO) 19:33.9
  33. Brendon Shaak (Lebanon) 20:34.4

# denotes individual qualification for States


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