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Track & Field: Annville & Cedar Crest Compete at Twin Valley Invite

On Friday night, Annville-Cleona and Cedar Crest were among the twenty-six teams that sent athletes to compete in the Twin Valley Invitational. While the contingents for both teams were scaled back, and medals were only awarded to the top five finishes in each event, LebCo athletes still combined for twenty-three medals. This included gold medal performances in four events and a new school record being set in the relays.

The Annville and Crest Girls were especially impressive at this event, accounting for sixteen top-five finishes. Annville’s Mackenzie Stellmach (So.) took 1st place in the 3200m with a time of 11:31.7. On the bus ride home, gold medals were also in possession of the 4x100m team of Sophia Caporaletti, Kendall Cooper, Miracle Hershey, and Jada Morales whose time of 49.88 not only won the race but set a new school record. Between the two LebCo teams, speed was on display as the Cedar Crest 4x200m team also took top honors. In the 100m, 200m, and 400m, the two teams combined for six medals and an additional 4th place medal won by Cedar Crest’s Makenzie Wamsher in the 300m Hurdles. Cedar Crest’s Opeyemi Ojo was once again impressive, finished 4th in the 100m between Annville’s Cooper (3rd) and Hershey (5th).

The Boys also had some outstanding performances, with seven medals being earned. Cedar Crest finished 3rd in both the 4x400m and 4x800m relays and added a 4th place finish in the 4x200m. Annville’s Landon Hostetter and Oliver Funck went 4th and 5th in the 1600m, while Luke Tshudy won the novice version of the event with a time of 4:51.4. Cedar Crest’s Tristan Long was the top highlight in the field, as he took 4th in the Shot Put with a throw of 46’11”

Below are the results for every LebCo athlete, with the medal winners highlighted in red and the gold medalists bolded.

For the full results of the Twin Valley Invite, visit here.


Track & Field Dual Meet Results Tracker: April 15-18

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3rd  Kendall Cooper (Annville-Cleona)- 12.87

4th  Opeyemi Ojo (Cedar Crest)- 12.91

5th  Miracle Hershey (Annville-Cleona)- 13.00



3rd  Kendall Cooper (Annville-Cleona) – 12.81

4th  Miracle Hershey (Annville-Cleona) – 12.96

8th  Opeyemi Ojo (Cedar Crest) – 13.26

14th  Sarah Noecker (Cedar Crest) – 13.52



3rd  Miracle Hershey (Annville-Cleona)- 26.66

8th  Jada Morales (Annville-Cleona) – 27.57



4th          Sophia Caporaletti (Annville-Cleona) – 1:03.1

5th          Hayden Wamsher (Cedar Crest) – 1:03.4

25th       Opeyemi Ojo (Cedar Crest)   – 1:09.3



13th       Camilla Zimmerman (Cedar Crest)  – 2:33.5

19th       Carly Atkins (Cedar Crest) – 2:38.7

27th       Megan Brophy (Annville-Cleona) – 2:40.9


7th        Emily Maag (Annville-Cleona) – 5:35.4

18th      Cara Figueroa (Cedar Crest) – 5:58.4

21st       Nora Cuthie (Cedar Crest) – 6:08.9


1600m (Novice)

6th     Anna Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 6:08.6

8th     Vivian Doster (Cedar Crest)  – 6:13.1


1st         Mackenzie Stellmach (Annville-Cleona) – 11:31.7

7th         Emily Maag (Annville-Cleona) – 12:10.5

17th       Maddie Lowe (Cedar Crest)  – 12:44.3


100m Hurdles


8th       Kya Missimer  (Annville-Cleona) – 17.58


8th         Kya Missimer  (Annville-Cleona) – 17.46

12th       Makenzie Wamsher (Cedar Crest) – 17.88

14th       Hayden Wamsher (Cedar Crest) – 17.92


300m IM Hurdles

4th        Makenzie Wamsher (Cedar Crest) – 48.90

9th        Kya Missimer  (Annville-Cleona) – 50.93

11th       Breanna Deitzler (Cedar Crest) – 51.42

32nd     Bailee Kohr (Annville-Cleona) – 57.93



1st      Annville-Cleona – 49.88 (new school record)

3rd      Cedar Crest –  50.97



1st         Cedar Crest     – 1:59.5


2nd       Annville-Cleona – 4:15.9

6th        Cedar Crest – 4:22.4


2nd      Annville-Cleona – 10:27.6

5th       Cedar Crest – 10:47.2



Long Jump

10th       Emily Shuey (Annville-Cleona) – 15’9”

11th       Madison Long (Annville-Cleona) – 15’5.5”

18th       Emma Spittle (Cedar Crest)  – 14’11”

22nd     Kayla Myer (Cedar Crest) – 14’2.75”


High Jump

14th      Susie Hoffman (Cedar Crest) – 4’6″


Triple Jump

7th        Madison Long (Annville-Cleona) – 33’6.25”

9th        Emma Spittle (Cedar Crest)  – 31’9.25”


Pole Vault

4th          Ruby Wolfe (Cedar Crest) – 10′

5th          Hailee Kreiser (Cedar Crest) – 9’6″

11th       Savannah Kleinfelter (Annville-Cleona) – 8′

13th       Caitlin Shay     (Annville-Cleona) – 8′



Shot Put

18th       Dana Hoover   (Annville-Cleona) – 27’1”

19th       Lilliana Sanchez (Annville-Cleona)  – 27’0”

25th       Grace Rosenberg (Cedar Crest) – 24’3.5”

27th       Nachali Manon Aquino (Cedar Crest) – 22’11”



6th          Susie Hoffman (Cedar Crest) – 102’10”

12th       Anabella Pulaski (Annville-Cleona)  – 81’2”

19th       Nyla Leach (Cedar Crest) – 68’5”

22nd     Ainsley Sellers (Annville-Cleona) – 67’9”





21st       Jon Moran (Annville-Cleona) – 11.99

22nd     Folashade Rahman (Cedar Crest) – 12.06

31st       Wesley Heller (Annville-Cleona) – 12.40




10th       Jon Moran (Annville-Cleona) – 23.75

16th       Jacob Ruth (Cedar Crest) – 24.17

23rd       Wesley Heller (Annville-Cleona) – 24.55

22nd     Isaiah Zimmerman (Cedar Crest) – 24.45



4th          David Moran (Annville-Cleona) – 52.01

8th          Charlie Joffy (Cedar Crest) – 52.96

31st       Z Moyer (Annville-Cleona) – 55.89



29th       David Moran (Annville-Cleona) – 2:11.9

33rd       Zachary Margut (Cedar Crest) – 2:14.6


4th          Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona) – 4:34.2

5th          Oliver Funck (Annville-Cleona) – 4:34.7

18th       Arturo Chavez-Ramirez (Cedar Crest) – 4:48.1

23rd       Zachary Margut (Cedar Crest) – 4:50.7


1600m (Novice)

1st          Luke Tshudy (Annville-Cleona) – 4:51.4

6th          Benjamin Boyd (Annville-Cleona) – 5:01.4

9th          Avery Highlands (Cedar Crest) – 5:03.6

10th       Evan Weimer  (Cedar Crest)  – 5:04.3

11th       Tobias Felker   (Cedar Crest)  – 5:04.5



7th       Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona) – 9:53.6

12th      Matt Clemson (Annville-Cleona) – 10:19.2


110m Hurdles


8th      Malachi Victor (Cedar Crest) – 16.70


8th          Malachi Victor (Cedar Crest) – 16.50

10th       Jack Waranavage (Cedar Crest) – 17.29

12th       Tim Montijo (Annville-Cleona) – 17.91


300m IM Hurdles

6th         Malachi Victor (Cedar Crest) – 42.79

8th         Jack Waranavage (Cedar Crest) – 43.24

16th       Tim Montijo (Annville-Cleona) – 45.30



6th     Cedar Crest – 44.72



4th          Cedar Crest – 1:40.3



3rd          Cedar Crest –  3:35.6

7th          Annville-Cleona – 3:38.4



3rd          Annville-Cleona – 8:20.6

9th          Cedar Crest –  9:18.6



Long Jump

16th       Reed Fretz (Cedar Crest) – 18’11”

19th       Jackson Burress (Cedar Crest) – 18’6.25”


High Jump

6th         Leo Tirado (Cedar Crest) – 5’10”

20th      Bessem Hassan (Cedar Crest) – 5’4″


Triple Jump

26th       Aiden Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 33’5”

29th       Jackson Burress (Cedar Crest) – 31’10”


Pole Vault

15th       Christian Viveros (Cedar Crest) – 10’0″



Shot Put

4th          Tristan Long (Cedar Crest)     – 46’11”

7th          Alex Kissinger (Cedar Crest)  – 44’0”


7th          Alex Kissinger (Cedar Crest)  – 128’3”

11th       Nick Lambros (Cedar Crest) – 120’4”



13th       Charlie Joffy (Cedar Crest) – 122’9”

20th       Jordan Nickens (Annville-Cleona) – 108’7”

22nd     Jacob Ruth (Cedar Crest) – 104’8”



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