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Football: Lebanon County Season League Award Winners

Now that the football regular season has concluded and coaches have had the opportunity to choose their all-star selections, we present to you the full list of Lebanon County’s players who received honors from either the Mid-Penn Conference or the Lancaster-Lebanon League.  When all was tallied, fifty-four individual players, along with one coach were honored at least once.  This is an impressive showing and a reminder that our county is home to a large number of talented, well-respected athletes.



Coach of the Year

Lancaster-Lebanon League, Section 5: Matt Gingrich (Annville-Cleona)



Mid-Penn Conference – Keystone All-Division Selections: Palmyra


Second Team Defense

Kyle Chapin, Defensive Lineman

Second Team Offense

 Jason McCurdy, Punter

Honorable Mention

Wyatt Herr, Defensive Lineman

Andrew Manning, Defensive Lineman

Kaden Jones, Linebacker

Kyle Koennecke, Linebacker

Ryan Kowalski, Defensive Back

Jose Morales, Defensive Back

Nathan Eisenhooth, Defensive Back

Kadan Readinger, Kick Returner

Matt Bordner, Kicker

Keagan Kleinfelter, Wide Receiver

Kadan Readinger, Wide Receiver

Colton Long, Offensive Line

Andrew Manning, Offensive Line

Kadin Jones, Offensive Line

Juan Figueroa, Running Back



Lancaster Lebanon League All-Star Selections


Position Players of the Year

Outstanding Back of the Year – Section 4 – Jake Williams (ELCO)

Offensive Back of the Year – Section 4 – Jake Williams (ELCO)

Offensive Back of the Year – Section 5 – Phoenix Music (Annville-Cleona)

Offensive Back of the Year – Section 5 – Phoenix Music (Annville-Cleona)

Linebacker of the Year – Section 5 – Alex Long (Annville-Cleona)


First Team Offense

Section 1

Christian Weaber, Offensive Guard (Cedar Crest)

Section 2

Alexandel Orosco, Wide Receiver (Lebanon)

Section 4

Jake Williams, Running Back (ELCO)

Section 5

Phoenix Music, Running Back (Annville-Cleona)

James Voight, Wide Receiver (Northern Lebanon)

Damien Miller, Offensive Guard (Annville-Cleona)


First Team Defense

Section 1

Connor Schwartz, Defensive Lineman (Cedar Crest)

Zion Rolon, Inside Linebacker (Cedar Crest)

Owen Chernich, Defensive Back (Cedar Crest)

Section 5

Jon Shay, Defensive End (Annville-Cleona)

Luke Shaffer, Inside Linebacker (Northern Lebanon)

Alex Long, Outside Linebacker (Annville-Cleona)

Cael Harter, Defensive Back (Annville-Cleona)


Second Team Offense

Section 1

Nolan Groff, Wide Receiver (Cedar Crest)

Aiden Schomp, Tight End (Cedar Crest)

Connor Schwartz, Offensive Tackle (Cedar Crest)

Section 2

Zahir Stoner, Wide Receiver (Lebanon)

Section 4

Elliott Kreider, Tight End (ELCO)

Jaron Garcia, Offensive Tackle (ELCO)

Section 5

Alex Long, Wide Receiver (Annville-Cleona)

Preston Bomgardner, Center (Annville-Cleona)

Chris Nagle, Offensive Tackle (Annville-Cleona)


Second Team Defense

Section 1

Tristan Long, Defensive Lineman (Cedar Crest)

Section 2

Josiah Wright, Defensive Lineman (Lebanon)

Derrick Briddell, Defensive Back (Lebanon)

Section 4

Ricardo Lebron-Muniz, Defensive Lineman (ELCO)

Section 5

Damien Miller, Defensive Lineman (Annville-Cleona)

Darrian Holloway, Inside Linebacker (Annville-Cleona)

Dominic Funk, Outside Linebacker (Annville-Cleona)

Bryce Keller, Long Snapper (Annville-Cleona)


Honorable Mention

Section 1

Nick Lambros, Tight End (Cedar Crest)

Stephen Flinton, Kick Returner (Cedar Crest)

Leo Tirado, Defensive Back (Cedar Crest)

Nolan Groff, Defense End (Cedar Crest)

Section 2

Alexandel Orosco, Kick Returner (Lebanon)

Emanuel Mason, Inside Linebacker (Lebanon)

Emanuel Mason, Punter (Lebanon)

Section 4

Aidon Fritsch, Offensive Guard (ELCO)

Eddie Rodriguez, Kick Returner (ELCO)

Aidon Fritsch, Inside Linebacker (ELCO)

Elliott Kreider, Inside Linebacker (ELCO)

Section 5

Gavin Keller, Quarterback (Annville-Cleona)

Josh Lindsey, Offensive Guard (Annville-Cleona)

Anthony Lucera, Kicker (Annville-Cleona)

Jon Shay, Athlete (Annville-Cleona)

Cameron Connelly, Defensive Back (Annville-Cleona)

Anthony Lucera, Punter (Annville-Cleona)

Eli Ostermayer, Punter (Northern Lebanon)



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