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Cross Country: Lebanon County Season Award Winners

Cross country is a grueling sport, where athletes choose to do something day after day that most people see as a major chore or only consider doing when being chased.  The group of athletes below were chosen for awards related to their level of competition or they were seniors who exhibited their dedication to the classroom in addition to working hard as part of the team.



Coach of the Year

Lancaster Lebanon League Section 3 Boys & Girls

Caitlin Heller (Annville-Cleona)



Sportsmanship Award

Lancaster Lebanon League Section 3 


ELCO Girls



Lancaster Lebanon League All-Star Selections


First Team Girls

Section 1

Eliana Schneider (Cedar Crest)

Section 3

Mackenzie Stellmach (Annville-Cleona)

Isabel Zwally (ELCO)


First Team Boys

Section 1

Ramon Urena Batista (Lebanon)

Section 3

Landon Hostetter (Annville-Cleona)

Landen Brubaker (ELCO)

Chad Keller (ELCO)

Tyler Shunk (Northern Lebanon)


Second Team Girls

Section 1

Lizzie Lowe (Cedar Crest)

Jillian Tobias (Cedar Crest)

Section 3

Noryan Mitchell (Annville-Cleona)

Alyssa Marlowe (Northern Lebanon)

Emily Maag (Annville-Cleona)

Leah Tshudy (Annville-Cleona)


Second Team Boys

Section 1

Ben Causak (Lebanon)

Section 3

Matthew Clemson (Annville-Cleona)

Samuel Domencic (Annville-Cleona)



Scholar-Athlete Award Winners

Aidan Bertrand (Northern Lebanon)

Alyssa Marlowe (Northern Lebanon)

Andrew Dorsey (Annville-Cleona)

Braiden Dolan (Annville-Cleona)

Cassandra Clemson (Annville-Cleona)

Derrick Nolan (Cedar Crest)

Emma Rexrode (Annville-Cleona)

Grace Tadajweski (Cedar Crest)

Isabel Zwally (ELCO)

Jack Heagele (Cedar Crest)

Jared Hostetter (Annville-Cleona)

Jillian Tobias (Cedar Crest)

Kadence Shuey (Northern Lebanon)

Kenneth Battistelli (Northern Lebanon)

Kyle Rauchut (Cedar Crest)

Lauren Murray (Northern Lebanon)

Max Wauhop (Cedar Crest)

Mileyska Calderon (Lebanon)

Nick Rhine (Cedar Crest)

Noryan Mitchell (Annville-Cleona)

Owen Sparks (Cedar Crest)

Samuel Davenport (Lebanon)

Samuel Joffy (Cedar Crest)

Sarah Durning (Cedar Crest)

Skylar McGinity (Northern Lebanon)

Tyler Steffy (Cedar Crest)

Warren Collins (Annville-Cleona)



There was not any information from the Mid-Penn Conference available at the time of this publication.


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