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Iron Bridge Junior High Cross Country Invitational: Lebanon County Results

The Iron Bridge Invitational is held yearly on Lancaster Mennonite’s main campus.  This two-mile race has become the de facto Lancaster-Lebanon League Championship for junior high cross country.  This year, there were twenty-seven area teams registered for the event, as it also included runners from some smaller charter and private Christian schools in Lancaster County.  The Lebanon County teams that had runners competing were Annville-Cleona, Cedar Crest, ELCO, and Lebanon.


Girls Results

The two-mile girls’ race was won by Ruby Garner-Valle of New School Montessori in a time of 13:16.3.  Lebanon County’s top runner was Lucy Stellmach of Annville-Cleona, who finished in 15th place with a time of 14:03.9.  The only Lebanon County team to run five (the number needed for a team score) was Cedar Crestwho finished 2nd, six points behind Manheim Township and fifty-nine points ahead of Hempfield.

Individual Results – Varsity

19th: Reagan Zwally (ELCO) – 14:10.6

20th: Trinity Donough (ELCO) – 14:10.8

31st: Vivian Doster (Cedar Crest) – 14:33.1

32nd: Clara Schneider (Cedar Crest) – 14:37.9

55th: Claire Fugate (Cedar Crest) – 15:32.3

61st: Juliana O’Hara (Cedar Crest) – 15:15.4

62nd: Paige Stoltz (Annville-Cleona) – 15:55.1

76th: Emily Shearer (Annville-Cleona) – 16:26.2

83rd: Kara Cawley (Cedar Crest) – 16:49.4

84th: Emma Michael (Cedar Crest) 16:50.2

90th: Sadie Wildasin (Annville-Cleona) – 17:02.9

99th: Ellisa Malinoski (Cedar Crest) – 17:25.8

104th: Julia Gross (Annville-Cleona) – 18:03.5

110th: Emily Brickley (Annville-Cleona) – 18:56.7


Individual Results – Junior Varsity

38th: Caroline Maisto (Cedar Crest) – 17:45.8

40th: Meadow Williams (Cedar Crest) – 17:57.7

41st: Mikayla Walmer (Cedar Crest) – 18:05.9

54th: Ella Pryma (Cedar Crest) – 19:19.5


Boys Results

In the boys’ race, the winner was Ephrata’s Kyle Reidenbaugh.  Our county’s top finisher was Lebanon’s Thadeous Gilbert, completing the two miles in 5th place with a time 12:05.8.  The Cedar Crest team was the top finishing Lebanon County unit, as they benefitted from a tight pack (1-5  spread = 27 seconds) to finish 3rd overall in the team scoring.

Team Scores

3rd: Cedar Crest – 140

8th: Lebanon – 177

16th: Annville-Cleona – 433


Individual Results – Varsity

5th:  Thadeous Gilbert (Lebanon) – 12:05.8

16th:  Samuel Hershey (Lebanon) – 12:28.1

17th:  Jaeqwan Johnson (Lebanon) – 12:29.8

19th:  Ethan Donough (ELCO) – 12:35.9

25th: Tobias Felker (Cedar Crest) – 12:44.2

26th: Cameran Willis (Cedar Crest) – 12:44.3

30th: Aiden Davis (Cedar Crest) – 12:46.7

32nd: Wyatt Wolfe (Cedar Crest) – 12:47.3

38th: Evan Weimer (Cedar Crest) – 13:13.2

44th: Henry Wengert (Cedar Crest) – 13:19.8

61st: Trystan Steckbeck (Lebanon) – 13:35.6

62nd: Brandon Edris (ELCO) – 15:53.8

67th: Conner Danz (Cedar Crest) – 13:38.6

69th: James Kuhne (Cedar Crest) – 13:39.8

74th: Cash Johns (Annville-Cleona) – 13:53.9

94th: Jonah Dubbs  (Lebanon) – 14:30.7

100th: Gradyn Sanders (Annville-Cleona) – 14:48.4

101st: Aiden Lezon (Annville-Cleona) – 14:49.6

109th: Oskar Yakum (Annville-Cleona) – 15:41.7

117th: Matthew Atland (Annville-Cleona) – 18:30.0


Individual Results – Junior Varsity

3rd: Jacob Dundore (Cedar Crest) – 13:29.0

4th: Tyler Do (Cedar Crest) – 13:30.7

7th: Tadhg Callihan (Cedar Crest) – 13:53.3

13th: Jonah Conville (Cedar Crest) – 14:19.4

17th: Edward Kuntz (Cedar Crest) – 14:29.2

20th: Nick Sweinhart (Cedar Crest) – 14:38.0

23rd: Nathan Small (Cedar Crest) – 14:43.5

24th: Davis Gebhard (Cedar Crest) – 14:43.8

27th: James Engle (Cedar Crest) – 14:46.7

44th: Vincent Reager (Cedar Crest) – 15:26.3

50th: Trieton Shirk (Cedar Crest) – 15:33.8

67th: Aiden Matarazzi (Cedar Crest) – 16:10.2

69th: Matthew Opreska (Cedar Crest) – 16:17.1

89th: Dominick Koehler (Lebanon) – 17:52.9

96th: James Keener (Lebanon) – 19:05.3


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