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Lebanon Overcomes Lower Dauphin with Breathtaking Win


What a game for the Lebanon Cedars!

They pulled together a win against the Lower Dauphin Falcons on Monday night, scoring a 71-68, an incredibly close, nail biting game. The boys carried the first half out of this world with 50 points, their best half yet.

Coach Tim Speraw said,”I think the first half was the best half of basketball that we’ve played all year. They scored fifty points, which we haven’t come close to that before. I thought they played great the second half. You know, they didn’t play as well, but we did what we had to do to get a win, and that’s what’s important.”

Coach Speraw then talked about how the boys’ offense compared to their defense. “I thought we played well with both of them. But, you know, it was just first half we scored a lot of points, but we gave up a lot of points. Second half, we didn’t play as well offensively, we started turning the ball over, but they got the job done and that’s what’s important.”

Overall, the boys had an amazing game and a great way to wrap up one of the last games of their season.

Coach Speraw talked about what he thought of how the Cedars played as a whole. “Good, it was good. At the end of the day, all we want to do is be up by one point and that worked out for us. It was great to have the seniors have their senior night with the win. They really played well, so that’s the good thing about it.”

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