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Lebanon Opens Season With Resounding Win


For LebCoSports

The Lebanon Cedars boys’ basketball team start its season off right on Friday night, with an incredible victory against Spring Grove, winning 57 to 32, almost double its opponent’s score.

With six three-point shots, 16 two-point shots, and nine foul shots, the Cedars played a game out of this world.

The first period took off with Lebanon in the lead 13–5. In the second period, the baskets the Cedars shot only continued to grow higher and higher than Spring Grove’s Rockets summing up at 27–11.

The third period brought the Cedars’ score to almost double of the Rockets’. The Lebanon Cedars finished a great game strong winning with the final score of Lebanon 57–32.

The boys played so amazingly well and carried this game to the moon with their outstanding victory.

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