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Northern Lebanon Boys Basketball ’23 – ’24 Season Outlook


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Lancaster Lebanon League – Section 3 (AAAA)

Head Coach: Chris George, 9th season

Top Returners: Riley Clinger (Sr.); Kade Erdman (Sr.); Brian Bicksler (Jr.); Riley Messinger (Jr.); Kael Erdman (So.); Brady Krall (So.)

Key Newcomers: Collin Wolfe (Sr.); Nolan Lesher (So.); Ben Planken (So.); Andrew Via (So.)

Key Losses: James Voight, Collin Wall

’22-’23 Results: 1-21



Viking Boys Basketball Season Outlook

Last season, the Vikings struggled with a 1-21 record.  That is now the past, and this group is looking to use the present to make a huge leap in the ’23-’24 season. While they may not dominate in the win column just yet, Coach Chris George is hoping to see growth from his team that makes them a formidable foe and lays a foundation for the wins to come eventually.

One of the keys to that growth will be their ability to develop their young guards while they face tough guard play in Section 3.

With that said the one thing that Northern Lebanon possesses more than most teams is its size, featuring six players who are over 6’ in size. This should give them an advantage if they are in a position to use it to their advantage.

One of those big players is 6’1” senior Luke Shaffer, who is back after missing all of last year with an injury. Known mostly for his prowess at the linebacker position, his on-court awareness and leadership will be key for the development of the younger players on this roster.

Another senior who will be key is Riley Clinger, who is a hard-nosed player who can score and grab rebounds. Clinger will combine with 6’4” sophomore Brady Krall in hopes of making it tough down low for the opposition.

The Vikings have some key pieces, and if they can develop enough to use that talent effectively, they may be able to jumpstart the rebuild at a faster rate than expected.


Viking Boys Basketball Schedule: ’23-’24

Viking Boys Basketball Roster: ’23-’24

# Name Year Position Height
1 Ben Planken Jr. G 5’ 9”
2 Riley Messinger Jr. F 6’ 0”
3 Brian Bicksler Jr. G 5’ 10”
5 Kael Erdman So. G 5’ 10”
10 Andrew Via So. G 5’ 10”
11 Collin Wolfe Sr. G 5’ 11”
12 Riley Clinger Sr. G 6’ 1”
14 Donovan Brandt Jr. G 6’ 1”
15 Brady Krall So. F 6’ 4”
21 Brendan Ryan Jr. F 5’ 11”
22 Kade Erdman Sr. G 5’ 10”
24 Julian Rivera Fr. G 5’ 9”
33 Connor Stoltz So. F 5’ 11”
34 Zane Smoker Jr. G 5’ 9”
42 Nolan Lesher So. F 6’ 3”
44 Luke Shaffer Sr. F 6’ 1”



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