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Cedar Crest Boys Lacrosse – 2023 Season

Record: 1-1 overall

Monday, March 27 – Daniel Boone (12-11 loss)

CC Goals: Ryan Snavely (4), Bryce Craig (3), Bryce Culp (3), Aaron Fink

CC Assists: Ryan Snavely, Bryce Craig, Bryce Culp, Aaron Fink, Daulton Krall, Jake Hlatky

CC Saves: Josh Trovinger recorded 11 saves

This was a tight game with Cedar Crest tying it several times before the eventual loss.


Friday, March 24 – Conrad Weiser (18-6 win)

CC Goals: Bryce Craig (6), Aaron Fink (4), Connor Rowe (3), Bryson Moore (2), Ryan Snavely (2), Bryce Culp
CC Assists: Bryce Craig (2), Aaron Fink (2), Andrew Hackleman (2), Bryson Moore, Ryan Snavely, Bryce Culp

CC Saves: Josh Trovinger – 8 saves